Nubar Nail Polish Review

Nubar is a brand that I've heard about for a long time, but since it isn't sold in any of the nail shops I frequent I never had the chance to try them out. A lot of my friends have raved about the polishes and the fact that this is one of the brands free of the "Big 3" chemicals. These are chemicals that have been implicated in birth defects and cancer, so by California law they have to be labeled as hazardous or removed from products. I have to be honest here, I was taught in medical school that the nails are basically impervious to anything and don't absorb things. This is why it is so difficult to treat nail fungus. I haven't seen any evidence to suggest that we do absorb enough of anything to cause these effects in humans, but if you can make a great nail polish formula without these chemicals then the whole point is moot. Then we're all happy!

So, I was given a few bottles of nubar quite a while ago (they came with the cuticle oil that I reviewed a few months ago). Since then I've tried a huge number of combinations of top coat and base coat to get good wear with this polish. I was not willing to review the polish until I had at least 5 days of chip free wear. Well, after a lot of experimentation I found the answer- skip the top coat!

By skipping the top coat, I was able to get 6 chip free days out of a nubar manicure (equal to Essie, OPI and China Glaze). As well, I've now had the same nubar pedicure for nearly 2 weeks with not a chip in sight! It doesn't seem to matter what base coat you use, as I've had the same results with China Glaze, OPI, CND and Orly basecoats. I've heard from Michelle at All Lacquered Up that with nubar's base coat and top coat wear is even better!

In terms of the polish, I think it is very easy to apply. The consistency is a bit thinner than OPI, very similar to Essie. The color does apply very easily without any pooling issues for me! The colors are rich with great depth and they even come in multi-packs with different colors making each bottle less expensive. To me, this Bouquet Collection pack is just full of great pinks for summer pedicures!

Nubar Nail Polish


  1. Hi Christine: I'm so glad you mentioned the imperviousness of nails in your review. I remember that from med school as well, and I admit, I was always a little bit confused by the Big 3 hysteria for that reason. Thank you for validating my confusion!

  2. Kyl! I didn't know you were a doctor too! I've been reading the Beauty Couch on occasion (I saw that people were coming from there... Checked it out... I particularly loved Ritzy Business on you!) I just added you to my Beauty Blogs links!

    Anyways- it really has been driving me crazy that everyone thinks their nails are going to absorb everything. It doesn't help that quite a few beauty sources (remember that Eco Beauty book I featured a few months ago? That book did this) go on and on about how easily your nails absorb things.

    I've done a ton of medline searches on this in the past few months, read a bunch of derm books, I can not find ANYTHING that say the nails suddenly are so absorbant. If they were I think my husband, the Biomedical Engineer, would be working on drug delivery via nail polish.

  3. Hey Christine: Thanks for the link! I feel so honored! Wow, you did a Medline search and everything, that's awesome. I am a doc, an R2 in psychiatry. I love the idea of drug delivery via nail polish, maybe my patients would actually take their meds. But...probably not!

    Thanks again!

  4. I have just to discover how you can make these nail polishes work. I bought their peacock feathers polish and it is just hopeless. I didn't use a top coat as suggested and it not so much chips as rubs off onto everything you touch. This is the only polish I have every had such a problem. Any suggestions?

  5. I got a bottle of Nubar in the color "Earthen". I used a base coat two coats of polish and a top coat, then a quick dry coat and my manicure lasted 7 days. I don't think I could use any polish with out a top coat

  6. Question about Nubar polishes....have you ever heard of anyone getting a nail fungus from using this brand. I had a case of Nubar polish and after I started using it I came down with a nail fungus that hit all ten of my nails. I am trying to rule out this polish since I had just started using it a few weeks before the fungus hit.

  7. I haven't heard of that. I don't think a fungus could live in polish, unfortunately you will probably not track down the source, the fungus is just around in the environment, it could have come from anywhere.


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