Knotheads: A New Way to Simplify Your Hair!

Based on that picture it is definitely a bit hard to tell what those swirls of color are or what they do. I think after trying them out that they are really great and they are one of my favorite hair accessories!

Knotheads are basically really thick pliable wire covered in fabric. They come in two lengths, short and long. The short are just a few inches long and are the perfect length to pull your hair back in a simple style, taking the place of a barrette or clip. This was the first hair style I tried out with the Knotheads, primarily because I wear this style pretty much every day (yes, I know it's boring, but it works really well with my current hair cut). I have actually made a few trips lately to look for better clips/barrettes for this look, but the Knothead blew all of those out of the water. I simply pull back my hair the same way as I do with a clip, slip the Knothead under the hair and I like to twist it completely around my hair which is a very simple look that I love! It holds my hair all day without pulling on my hair or scalp.

The long Knothead is extremely versatile. A quick glance at the how-to area of the Knothead website shows how many ways you can use it. My favorite way is in a bun like the picture here. My hair isn't long enough to look this great in a bun, but it is definitely very easy to do this style and it stays put for hours. I also love using the Knothead as a headband. I'm always bothered by headbands that are either too tight (giving me a headache) or that fall off constantly. The Knothead is perfect because you can customize the head band to fit your head!

Knotheads are available at, but I'm hoping that they'll be available soon in stores (Hear me ULTA? These would be perfect for you!)

15 Minute Beauty Fanatic Exclusive: For a limited time you can get 15% off your Knotheads order! You'll need to use Google Checkout to use the code. Just enter the keyword "quickbeauty" to get your discount, you have until May 28th to place your order!


  1. I love the idea of this! I will be buying mine this week. Thanks!

  2. bought mine just now..thanks for the tip!

  3. It seems like a glorified pipecleaner, to be honest.

  4. i've bought some at icing, i'm a little disappointed in them because they do slip off my daughters hair when i do the pony tail. when i used the knotheads into a clip, the clip slips right out. It's kinda hard to take it out with the long knotheads twisted around the hair. my daughter actually complained that it hurt her head because the knots on the tip get caught in the hair. I do like that it's easy to do up dos, but they don't hold it for long. also my knotheads are only a week old and it's starting to fall apart on me bummer.

  5. Your hair isn't long enough to look this great in a bun, but it is definitely very easy to do this style and it stays put for hours.

  6. is this knot heads have patent?
    where can i get it? i mean real stores...


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