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Recently I showed you this great Red Carpet look from Global Goddess Cosmetics, and I promised a review of some of their products at the end of the post. While readily available (you can buy this line from the Global Goddess website and at Victoria's Secret), to me this really seems like an "exotic" line. I think it's the names of the colors as well at the kohl eyeliner- everything makes me think of Bollywood and its beautiful stars! You can see everything that I tried (as well as the shades I tried) above.

Sizzling Serengeti Tribal Eyeshadow Quads
This quad is beautiful. Truly it is. You open the compact (it's one of those paper ones with a mirror and a magnetized closure) and you are confronted by 4 amazing shadows with an embossed pattern. I opened this several days in a row without using it because it was too pretty to mess up.

Once I finally started using this shadow I was pretty happy with it. The colors are beautiful (the real winner is that brown which really has a lot of bronze in it with a touch of shimmer), they blend well and they last for about 12 hours on my lids. I think the Arusha color scheme in particular is beautiful and I might be picking that one up soon.

Moroccan Mystique Lip Veils
Lip Veil = Fancy name for lip gloss.

You know that I love a good lip gloss, and this is no exception! I tried out Mirage, which is described as "A Deceiving Apricot (And Celebrity Favorite!)" I can see why it's a favorite. This peach is a bit sheer but also just a touch pink with some shimmer. Overall it turns into a "your lips but better" pale color that somehow does not wash me out. Add great shine, hydration without stickiness and no flavor and you'll get great gloss!

Chai Cheek Color
Ho hum, just another blush, right? Wrong!

When applied with a good brush, like my MAC 129 brush (yes, mine is from Fafi) this blush creates a glowing complexion that I have never had before. Really. I have blush from pretty much every makeup brand and I am starting to obsess over this one. It doesn't last all day (pretty much it is gone by mid-afternoon) but it is definitely amazing while it lasts!

Cairo Eyes Liquid Kohl Eyeliners
Finally, as good as the other products are, the real standout for me was this liquid eye liner. Normally I would be too intimidated by such a product (I have several unopened liquid liners in my drawer right now that I bought last fall), but some how this liner is different.

The liner is incredibly easy to apply perfectly and it stays put. Simply unscrew the top (which really is a pretty good sized handle for the liner) and you'll find what looks to me like a plastic brush. Honestly, I didn't investigate it too much for fear of destroying my perfect liquid eyeliner. Whatever the brush is, the stiffness is a big asset during application. I pull my eyelid a bit taut and apply into and around the lash line. It really is that easy. I happen to be a bit shaky with things like this and even I get a great line! It lasts all day and well into the night.


  1. i <3 global goddess. hope you are well :) so great meeting you!

  2. So happy you love the products! I love them too :-). Let me know if you would like to try some more... My favorites are the Mascara, Coconut Hair Oil and th Primer.

    Founder Global Goddess Beauty


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