Ecru Hair Care, Another Cause of My Good Hair Weeks

A few days ago I gave you one reason I've been having so many great hair days, and I alluded to this one. I've been using Ecru hair products, and I have to say that they really are great. For me the big stand out was the Marine Styling Balm, which is definitely going to be one of my new everyday favorite products!

Luxe Treatment Shampoo and Conditioner
Honestly, I threw away the boxes from these products on accident so I have no list of ingredients to share with you (oops!). But I do have some info on these products.

First, they smell fine. Like perfume, but not overwhelming and very subtle. There is a nice light lather with the shampoo and both products rinse very easily. They make my hair shiny and easy to manage with enough hydration that I have not needed to use an intensive hair treatment. Perhaps one of the best things about these products is that the conditioner does include protein conditioners (more about why this is important), which I love!

Marine Styling Balm
This is truly one of my new all time favorite products. It looks like a typical gel, but it absolutely is not. I really have not a clue how Ecru managed to do this, but this product (which is like a thin hair gel) is basically a weightless, flake-free product that makes blowing my hair out easy to perfect. My hair has an amazing softness when I have used this product and it stays straight all day long without developing mid-day frizz! Really, if you are blowing your hair straight each day you'll probably want to check out this product as well!

Silk Nectar Serum
This serum is one that I've only used a few times, but I know that I'll be pulling it out on those days that I need a little extra "something." This serum just needs a small amount combed through wet hair. It smoothes the cuticle, creating great shine and making your hair feel incredibly soft. Like the Marine Styling Balm it is weightless and flake-free, and in combination these products made my hair look like it had been professionally done!

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    Got the Ecru Silk Nourishing Spray in a goodie bag and totes was going to toss it, but then tried it....

    It's the perfect detangler, and keeps my hair so healthy. So happy I gave it a chance!


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