Billy B and The Ladies of Sex and The City!

Did you ever wonder what it takes to be one of the amazing girls of Sex and The City? While I'm sure that we all wish we were Carrie (or that we had Carrie's shoes), I really am Charlotte. She's classic and simple but certainly not boring and trends toward more of a natural beauty.

Lucky for me, Billy B is working with Kristin Davis for some of the SATC press appearances! Billy is the makeup artist behind my favorite cosmetic brushes and too much amazing work to even mention here. He even did Kristin's makeup for the Met's Costume Institute Gala, one of the biggest nights of the year in New York! (You can see above that she went with Michael Kors as her date, I want to be her even more now!)

I asked Billy what his favorite products to use on Kristin are, and here's the scoop!

Of course all of these products were applied with Billy B's brushes, which you really should check out if you are looking for a good set of brushes!
Face atelier Ultra Foundation applied and blended with bbbeauty foundation brush #2
Alison Raffaele colorless translucent powder bbbeauty brush #3
Loreal Voluminous Mascara in carbon with bbbeauty brush #9
MAC eye shadow in Malt with bbbeauty brush #8
MAC Coffee Eye Pencil smudged with bbbeauty brush #12
MAC Blush in Pink Swoon with bbbeauty brush #1

It turns out that Kristin Davis isn't the only SATC lady that loves Billy B! Billy recently did her makeup for this session with photog Mike Ruiz and you can even buy Billy's products on her site, Patricia!


Scandalous Beauty said...

Great review! He's the best!

Kahulani Make-Up said...

thanks for the informative blog! I LOVE SATC and Billy B!!

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