Lancôme's UV Expert 20 Sunscreen, SPF 20

I remember the days of no Mexoryl. There was this fabled sunscreen that was only available in Europe. It was much better than what was available here in the US, and there was basically no substitute. There were rumors of people stocking up on trips to Europe. I pictured huge suitcases of sunscreen being smuggled via the Concord. At least, that was what all of the beauty magazines said. What is the truth? Pretty close to that actually.

Mexoryl is also known as Ecamsule, and it was the first new sunscreen to be approved by the FDA in over 18 years. While it is really known as a very stable short wave UVA sunscreen, it also has some protection against long wave UVA rays (at least according to the Medical Literature search I did. It is the only deviation I made from the FDA's Sunscreen Monograph in my writing- I added the long wave protection to Ecamsule because it really does offer some long wave protection.)

In truth, there are other short wave UVA sunscreens that have been available in the US for a long time. But, they are easily broken down by sunlight. Even Avobenzone, which has long been the favorite long wave UVA protection in the US, is not very stable in sunlight and frequently has to be stabilized to prolong its protection.

Active Ingredients (refer to the sunscreen post):
• Avobenzone (2%): Long Wave UVA
• Ecamsule (2%), aka Mexoryl: Long and Short Wave UVA
• Octocrylene (10%): UVB
• Titanium Dioxide (2%): UVA and UVB

Really, the graph tells all. Not only is this great broad spectrum coverage but the use of Mexoryl/Ecamsule provides increased coverage for short wave UVA rays, making you much less likely to develop photo-aging.

The Promises
• Lightweight coverage for everyday

The Sunscreen Experience
This really is a great sunscreen. It is creamy and light, there is basically no smell and I do not notice that I have it on. It rubs in completely very easily, leaving behind only a very slight feel on my skin. It's hard to describe, but when I touch my skin with this sunscreen on it feel a bit less smooth than other areas, but it is not greasy. It does "grab" onto makeup a bit, but with just a little bit of extra blending there are no issues!

You can buy it on-line through Lancôme's website or at pretty much any Lancôme counter nationwide.

The Verdict
This really is a great option for everyday sun protection!

Lancôme's UV Expert 20 Sunscreen, SPF 20

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