Kiehl's UV Protective Suncare Sunscreen Cream

Another product with Mexoryl, the newly approved UVA protectant! I bought this sunscreen at my local Kiehl's store pretty much the week it came out. It's actually not even mine, it's my husband's daily sunscreen (though I admit to stealing some frequently). He really enjoys this product, and uses it almost everyday. My husband is more difficult to please than me when it comes to products, so you know this one has to be good!

The Ingredients
A quick peek at the UV range below shows us that the product provides great broad spectrum UV coverage with the added short UVA range coverage provided by the Ecamsule (Mexoryl).
Active Ingredients (refer to the sunscreen ingredient post):
• Avobenzone (2%)
• Ecamsule (2%)
• Octocrylene (10%)
• Titanium Dioxide (2%)

The Promises
• UVA Protection with Mexoryl SX (Ecamsule)
• UVA and UVB Broad Spectrum Protection
• For Face and Body
• Sweat and Water Resistant
• Not tested on animals

The Sunscreen Experience
This is a great every day sunscreen. It sinks into the skin easily and quickly leaving very little residual feeling behind. The scent is very faint. I have not tried to use this under full makeup, though I have used some concealer, blush and such with this sunscreen without any issues.

Kiehl's is not as hard to find as you might think! You can order it on-line from the Kiehl's Website, buy it at a Kiehl's Store (I have one in my mall here, you likely have one near you as well), or at many department stores. Near me there are Kiehl's counter at Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale's, Nordstrom and I think Saks also has a counter. All of those stores also sell Kiehl's through their websites!

The Verdict
This is a great option for when you need a higher SPF sunscreen. It provides great broad spectrum coverage and is pretty much unnoticeable once on your skin! My only wish is that it came in higher SPF options as well.

Kiehl's UV Protective Suncare Sunscreen Cream


  1. Was just wondering if you have yet to come across any sunscreens with Mexoryl that are higher SPF that 20? All I have seen on the market is 15 or 20... not really sure why.

  2. I do that too - steal a bit of my hub's sunscreen to use sometimes. But then, I bought it for him too. ;)

  3. Hey Christine,I'm a regular on ur blog, but I just found out ur a doc too! Great, now my hubby cant tell me "docs dont blog about blech things like makeup" :)
    Rest assured, I read all ur disclaimers, this is just out of curiosity, whats ur field of specialization?


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