Kiehl's Superbly Restorative Preparations

Remember when I first told you about Kiehl's new Superbly Resorative products? Well, since then I have had a chance to try them out (don't be too excited people, I got small 15 ml or so samples, just enough for a few days). I have to say that I absolutely love these products! They are coming home with me next time I go to the mall, oh yes they are!

This line includes:
• Superbly Restorative Body Lotion is a hydrating, antioxidant moisturizer that improves the skin’s tone and resilience. (On-counter in April)
• Superbly Restorative Dry Oil is a multi-purpose formula to be used on both skin and hair, which improves the appearance of skin tone, and helps to smooth split ends and add a healthy sheen to hair. (On-counter in April)
• Superbly Restorative Skin Salve is a multi-purpose concentrated formula for intensive skin and hair relief and maintenance, and can be used for soothing everything from chapped noses, rough elbows and knees, sore muscles, and hair fly-aways. (On-counter in June.)

The Superbly Restorative Dry Oil really is just that, an amazingly moisturizing oil that is somehow dry. I do not understand how it is that Kiehl's does this, but I'm glad that they do!

Let me give you just a little bit of background. Body oils are nothing new to me. In fact, for years I've used Neutrogena's Body Oil daily. But, I have to use it in the shower. Why? Because after I apply it I become a big oily mess. I have to do a quick rinse off to get the excess off of my body. Once I do that, I do have a perfect amount of the oil on my body, and the extra moisture has long been worth it. But, I've been very annoyed at having to rinse it off. The almond scent is fine, but I don't really love it, and even worse the product is becoming virtually impossible to find in my area.

So, I've been on the hunt for a new oil. A few of those oils have been featured on this site. I've liked them, but none of them have really "grabbed" me. Well, now I've found "it", the perfect new oil for me!

The Kiehl's oil is a different experience for me. This oil sinks immediately into my skin, leaving moisturized but dry skin behind. I can apply this oil once I'm out of the shower and dried off because I don't need to rinse it! It has a great fruit/nutty scent (that's the Argan oil) that I love. Best of all, it is super moisturizing. This is going to be my new daily oil!

I also tried out the Superbly Restorative Body Lotion, which is a great lotion that I'm also planning on buying in large quantities. It has the same great Argan oil scent, sinks immediately into skin and is incredibly moisturizing without leaving a greasy residue. Truthfully, it is not going to replace my super heavy-duty Cetaphil cream for my eczema areas, but I did need something lighter for the rest of my body.

After my great experiences with the lotion and dry oil I'm eagerly awaiting the Superbly Restorative Skin Salve, will it be enough for my areas of eczema? Will I want to stock-pile it for my feet and elbows? Stay tuned, you can bet I'll be buying it as well!


  1. ooh, i want to try this so bad!

  2. I've just bought the dry oil, and I agree - it is an amazing oil that sinks into the skin immediately. I love the very subtle scent, perfect for days when I don't want to smell like body oil. It's been working wonders for me as a night cream.


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