Essie Summer 2008

Essie has long been known as the "go to" brand for fantastic light pinks and nudes. What many don't know is that Essie also does well pigmented colors that apply wonderfully, usually need only 1 coat and wear for about 7 chip free days on me! I have to say that just a quick glance at these bottles does not do these colors justice. Essie's Summer 2008 collection really is just absolutely beautiful!

A quick description of each color (left to right):
• Secret Stash: Dramatic, traffic-stopping fuchsia
• Risky Business: Glam red meets shimmery tangerine
• Guilty Pleasures: Pink strawberry bliss
• Movers & Shakers: Sassy, bold pink
• Escapades: Red, red-coral
• My Place or Yours: A sophisticated pink rosé

I've already swatched each of these colors and they truly are great! I think the most unique of the collection may be Escapades, which is a red-coral like I have never seen! Risky Business also promises to be a real winner, it really is a tangerine with same-color shimmer.

The Essie Summer 2008 collection will be available on May 1st


  1. Thanx for a great review and beautiful pics! I cannot pick a favourite. All the colours seem so well pigmented. Guess I will have to wait to check these out in person.

  2. WOW!!!! I love all of the colors and that s very unusual for me, because I tend to be picky... I've never used essie before, but they look great... I plan to.

  3. Thank you - I love these colors. I really enjoy your site, I'm a lawyer and appreciate your taste for the kinds of colors that go better in the "professional" world. I love Cincy's nail site too but blue and green just aren't my speed (and the guys I work with would all die of shock and then I'd have to do everything myself....). I'll be looking for some of these pinks to fill out the range between very subtle and sheer and dark and dramatic.

  4. Love to see the colors on a real nail! Thanks.

  5. omg i love those colors i really dont do my finger nails but my toes have to be done

  6. Thanks for all of the great comments!

    Cincy and I used to joke about our color choices. I'm much more adventurous than I once was, but I'm definitely "boring" compared to her! I still veer away from the bright blues, greens, etc. I like pinks, reds and vampy colors. Some purples.

    But, I did buy some of the brighter colors for the May pedicure month colors! All of the crazy colors are going to be sent my sister in North Carolina, she loves them!


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