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I know that I've complained quite a bit in the past about having dry hair (and on occasion, dry scalp), making finding a new shampoo somewhat difficult.

So, I do have to say that after trying out a few products from Creme of Nature that these are probably the most hydrating products on the market. Many people know that if you have dry or medium/thick textured hair, you will likely find a great product in the "ethnic hair" section of your local store. Really, what this section should be labeled is "products for dry, thick hair."

Red Clover & Aloe Soothing Shampoo
This shampoo is meant for dry hair and flaky scalp, and I really enjoyed using it. It truly is a hydrating shampoo with a light lather. The smell I really can only describe as "herbal," but my husband did compliment me on how it smelled without prompting! It rinses out easily and quickly.

Lemongrass & Rosemary Leave-In Creme Conditioner
This creamy conditioner is meant to be a leave-in, but I found that it was too hydrating to used that way in my hair. Seriously, this is a hard core leave in conditioner. It smells almost exactly like the shampoo, but with a bit of a citrus added in. It is creamy and rich, and when I rinse it out there are no issues. When used like this, it is the perfect amount of hydration for my hair. Maybe my hair isn't so dry after all....

Jojoba & Olive Oil Moisture Active Deep Conditioning Treatment
Somehow, this is even more moisturizing than the other products. I am still baffled by how they managed to squeeze so much moisture into a product. The product is meant to be used for twenty minutes, and even after just a five minute application I have to say that my hair was incredibly soft, shiny and not at all weighed down! If you have dry hair, forget any other hair treatments. Try this one!

Red Clover & Aloe Daily Breakage Relief
The final product that I tried out is meant to help prevent any breakage from your daily styling. For me, I used a small amount in my hair while it was still wet, and then styled as usual. It gave my hair just a bit of texture (which my hair needs) but helped to smooth any frizzies and helped with styling! For me, this was the biggest winner of the group.

Creme of Nature

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