Clariol Perfect 10 Hair Color

Clariol has released a new in-home hair color system, called Perfect 10. This video is a behind the scenes peek at their photo shoots, which I'm posting here since I can't help but think- Kristy Hume's buttery blonde reminds me a bit of the shade of Reese Witherspoon that I was discussing recently!

This system is quite a bit different than other hair color systems, as it contains a completely different lightening system, AminoGlycine. All hair color systems contain a lightener and then a color depositor, and these haven't really changed much in well over 50 years. Until now!

According to Clairol:
AminoGlycine has four unique attributes that make it work more effectively:

Highly Efficient
AminoGlycine lightens hair melanin and forms new color complexes much more selectively and efficiently than conventional technology, doing the job in only ten minutes compared with 20-30 minutes with traditional permanent home haircolor.

Lower pH
AminoGlycine has ten times less alkalinity than conventional technology. This system works at lower pH level (pH9 vs. pH10) leading to better preservation of the hair’s natural protective coating called the f-layer. Additionally, a lower pH significantly reduces the unpleasant ammonia odor typically associated with home haircolor.

AminoGlycine more selectively targets melanin pigments and is less likely to react with hair protein fibers called keratin. Protecting keratin fibers helps preserve hair condition and reduces surface damage.

Controls Radicals
AminoGlycine helps to inactivate damaging free radicals formed during the coloring process which can otherwise attack the hair surface and compromise hair quality.

Plus, this color only takes 10 minutes. I'm all for anything that is that fast!


  1. Well, it sounded great, so I tried it. I use a golden brown color. I hate it. It did a lousy job of covering the grays, and my entire head of hair came of dull and dry--not siny and silky as it does with my previous product. In short, I will never use it again. Did I mention it costs alot more than other products?

  2. I was bummed out.It didn't smell and it was quick....but it didn't last.Just after a few shampoos all the gray was back.:(

  3. It does cost a little more than most but I have thick hair and the others take 45 minutes to take effect. This was truly a 15 minute product and the color looks great and hasn't faded. LOVE IT!

  4. Just used Perfect 10 Jet Black, we'll see. All my stark white hairs were colored to the root and my old highlights were colored all the way. I shampooed before coloring. Then shampooed after rinsing the color out. Then I used the creme conditioner, rinsed and then followed up with my regular conditioner. I dried my hair with a dryer and it is silky, shiny and the color turned out great. I plan on doing my normal routine, using a light weight creme conditioner to cleanse my hair, rinsing well and shampooing every three days unless my hair is really super dirty.

  5. I didnt think this product worked at all. It did not cover any of my grays and it left my hair feeling like straw, even after leaving their conditioner. Beyond that, it washed out after only 3 days. Horrible product.


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