Afterglow Pure Soul Mineral Mascara

I never would have thought that a "mineral mascara" was available, and it turns out that it is! It turned up at my house one day last month, and I decided to try it out.

This mascara promises:
• Creates rich, luscious lashes that are soft and flexible
• Volumizing, flake proof, smudge proof and clump free

While it does all of this stuff, it is also free of :
• Alcohols
• Parabens
• Synthetic dyes
• Perfumes
• Mercury
• Phthalate
• Mineral oil
• Tar
• Petrochemical
• Glutens

Honestly, I wasn't sure that most of that stuff was actually in mascara, especially the gluten (that's wheat), but a quick glance at the major cosmetic companies ingredients lists showed me that yes, those things really are in my mascara. Actually, most mascaras have all of those things. Gross.

Which leads me to believe that any company that manages to create a half way decent mascara without any of that stuff is genius.

So, how is the mascara? It's pretty good actually.

The mascara comes with a basic spiral brush (which I loved with the consistency of the formula), and overall the application is pretty easy. The formula seemed "wet" to me, meaning that it was a bit thinner than usual and did take a bit longer than usual to dry. The added drying time did seem to result in a bit less curl afterwards, but only so much that I would notice it. There were no issues with clumping or spidery lashes

The pictures make the results of this mascara look less impressive than they actually were, but it was the best pictures I could take for some reason. The mascara creates pretty decent volume and does increase length a bit, though not as much as I like. As well, the curl was decreased once the mascara had dried (likely the reason my pictures don't look so hot).

At the End of the Day
I've decided to start taking pictures of my mascaras at the end of the day, which for me is about 9 pm when the mascara was applied about 6 am.

You can see here that the mascara has absolutely no smudging, no flaking, and it looks pretty much exactly the same as it did at 6 am!

Overall Impression
I have to say that overall this is a decent mascara. It didn't give me the incredibly long and lush lashes I long for, but I seem to have somewhat unrealistic expectations for mascara usually. It gives some length and volume and does define my lashes. The staying power was amazing, with my lashes looking exactly the same at the end of the day. All this and the mascara somehow avoids having a huge list of undesirable ingredients!

Pure Soul Mineral Mascara


  1. Super! could you please post the price of the mascara as well? Thanks

  2. You have really gorgeous eyes! Anyway, that mascara looks great (:

    xx Emma

  3. Love your eyes. Great review... In case anyone reading this is in UK / Europe Afterglow is carried at .


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