Sephora Lush Flush Wine Lip & Cheek Stain

I have made no secret of my love for Benefit's Benetint. When it was introduced (wow... back in the late 90's???), I was in college and read a paragraph about it in Allure. I remember they said it was being passed around backstage at Fashion Shows, even Gwenyth was using it. They were all staining their lips together! I had to have a bottle, and sent a check off to Benefit right away.

All these years later I'm still a devoted Benetint fan, but I do have to admit that I really only use it about once a month or so. Why is that? It's a bit to much of a bright red on me, and I wish that it was available in different colors. I've tried a few other "stain" products, some of which were very bad and didn't live up to the hype, worked great on my lips but didn't work on my cheeks, or worked great on my cheeks but didn't work on my lips.

For the past few days I have to admit that I've been a bit obsessed with my Sephora Lush Flush. It's been in my bag, and I have been stuck at work for way too many hours. A little bit of this gel on my lips and cheeks gives sheer but buildable color that lasts for hours. I love that the color really is a tad bit more "wine" than red, which really works with my skin tone. The wand (there's a puffy wand in that tube) makes it much easier to apply while on the run than the Benetint. It lasts about 6 hours on my lips, 12 or so if applied to my cheeks. As with any stain it is more blendable on bare skin, but it can be applied over foundation/powder.

I'm hoping that Sephora sells enough of this product to bring out some more colors, I think a rose and peach tint are definitely a great idea, what do you think?

Sephora Lush Flush Wine Lip & Cheek Stain


  1. I would totally buy a rose color!

    I haven't used Benetint in years but I loved in back in the 90s (that's when I was in college, too). Have you ever tried it on your cheeks with a few dots of Highbeam? It's pretty!

  2. I am going to run over to Sephora to try this. I think the rose tint sounds like a good bet for fair-skinned and blonde women.

  3. I am going to Sephora today to check this out as I am a benetint person as well...thanks for the tip!


  4. I've been dying to try this! I will definitely have to check it out.

  5. Yes, LOVE this. It's similar to TheBalm's Stainiac, which is my HG. I love these so much more than Benetint- Benetint is way to runny for me- I really prefer the gel.

    My most recent Sephora order included the Lush Flush, Stila's Cherry Crush Lip Stain, Benefit Thrrrob, Smashbox O Gloss, and Too Faced Mood Swing Lip Gloss. Love them all..... will be reviewing soon....

  6. I can't seem to find your review for Benetint, could you send me a link? Thanks!

    By the way, love your blog :-).

  7. Just curious, how does the Tarte lip stain compare in terms of duration through wear? They seem to have more color options available.

  8. L2- If you look under the Benefit label, you'll see that I talk about Benetint under the Pocket Pal post, here's the link:

    As well, that Tarte is a stain that is meant for the cheeks, not the lips. I think that they last about the same amount of time on the cheeks, but I couldn't get Tarte to stain my lips (but believe me, I tried!)

    I STILL haven't tried Highbeam! I keep looking at it at Sephora, then decide to spend my money elsewhere, deciding that I have too many highlighting products already. I'll check it out!

  9. I was a benetint fanatic until the bottle spilled in my bag ruining everything in it. I didn't rebuy because it was a little too red for me and I wanted something softer. Tarte fills that gap nicely but I will keep my eyes peeled for sephora to cone out with this in a rose.


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