Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Prescriptives Friends & Family Discount

It has never happened before, and you should probably take advantage of it while it is here.... It's 25% off everything at Prescriptives with free shipping! Click the picture above to read all of the details.

I recommend checking out the AnyWear Multi-Purpose Makeup Stick, which I've been trying out for the past week or so. I haven't written my review yet, but I love using it as a foundation and a concealer, it really isn't as heavy as you would think a stick foundation would be.



Thirkellgirl said...

I tried the makeup stick last Saturday at a Prescriptives counter, and couldn't wait to get it off. The color was pretty perfect, but it felt really gooey (for lack of a better term). I've been wearing Bobbi Brown foundation (stick) and it's so much lighter!

RVAfashionista said...

Thanks for the discount! What shade are using since you've mentioned before you're pale? I'm technically a MAC NC15 but even that's too dark sometimes...

I always enjoy your blog! :-)


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