MAC Strobe Collection

Last week, MAC quietly release yet another collection, this one had only 3 products in it. Similar to many other brands this spring, MAC had released a collection of quiet shimmer. I say quiet shimmer because that really is the best way to describe this collection.

Strobe Liquid
I've been holding off on reviewing this collection to decide if I like this lotion or not. The shimmer is very subtle, and while I'm not a fan of overwhelming shimmer, I do have to say that I was a bit disappointed in how subtle the shimmer is in this lotion. The lotion is very light, is slightly hydrating (it is not enough to replace my usual moisturizer), and does not leave me greasy.

When used on my face, it did not "reduce the look of skin imperfections" as promised, but the slight shimmer that it does have made me a touch more radiant.

I really found the lotion to be much better utilized on my body! The very subtle shimmer worked much better on my arms and shoulders where it made my skin look smoother, made my pale skin more appealing and I loved it!

Tinted Lip Conditioner Stick, SPF 15
The lip conditioners are a product that I've been looking forward too, and I have to say that MAC did not disappoint! I've tried similar products from brands I won't name here, and these sticks just blew them all away. The color is definitely present but sheer enough that there's no fear of applying this without a mirror. It's easy to just swipe while you're on the run. The shimmer is subtle here as well.

The Sticks are not as hydrating as Blistex, but definitely more hydrating than most lip glosses. Let's keep our fingers crossed that MAC brings out more shades.

MAC Strobe Collection


  1. Glad to see MAC's making strides in lip products with SPF. They really should make more. Thanks for the review, now I mus try the Lip Conditioner Stick :)

  2. I was actually a little disappointed in the Tinted Lip Conditioners - the packaging is kind of cheapy though I like the formula.

  3. Nice products not sure about the title "15 minute makeover" wish this could be true when waiting for the bathroom while the teenagers get ready for a night out.

  4. Hi Christine! I love the Strobe Lip Conditioners, too!

    I am too scared to try the lotion... shimmer lotions always make my skin look greasy and very disco.

    Hope you're having a good weekend.


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