MAC Beauty Powder Blush

I know for a fact that I'm not the only one that often wonders where the blushes are in MAC's collections. With the exception of Fafi (which had 2 fantastic blushes that I've been switching between everyday), I can not remember the last collection that had blushes. Granted, I'm not a huge MAC expert, but there really aren't a lot of blushes.

Well, MAC has certainly redeemed themselves in a big, huge, giant way with this mini-collection of limited edition blushes!

The blushes contain "shimmering fine particles" that have a bit of a pearlescent sheen, really just making the colors look radiant on your skin. I tried 4 of the shades (I've starred the ones I tried in the list below), and I've loved all of them. The blushed are "baked" which means that they are harder in the pan, a bit less powdery but are definitely well pigmented. The blushes are all fairly translucent but very easily buildable. The shimmer is subtle but a very pretty addition to the blushes.

Of the colors that I tried, my current favorite is Secret Blush, which is a bit rosier than the "official" MAC description. It's neutral tone makes it a great every day blush, but it's just "different" enough from plain pink to not be boring. Eversun is very similar but a bit lighter in color, but another great everyday option. For me, Feeling was a bit darker on my skin but would be a great compliment to a light smokey eye for evenings. Finally, Shy Beauty is a pretty pastel pink-peach that I initially assumed would be my favorite while in the pan. But, once on it was a bit lighter/more pastel than I like for a blush at work, but it is absolutely perfect for a weekend!

Shy Beauty*: Pastel apricot with gold pearl (satin)
Feeling*: Dirty plum with silver pearl (satin)
Sweetness: Intense blue pink (satin)
Joyous: Peach with gold pearl (satin)
True Romantic: Mid-tone pink with silver pearl (satin)
Serenely: Deep brownish red with gold pearl (satin)
Eversun*: Neutral peach bronze with gold pearl (satin)
Secret Blush*: Dirty neutral plum with gold pearl (satin)
Suggested Retail Price $17.50 U.S./$22.00 CDN

If you're going to splurge on one of these blushes, definitely check out a new brush to apply it with! MAC recommends the 116 (pictured above with the blushes), and I have to say that I really love this brush. It is a small rounded brush, and while I thought that it would be too small at first, I have to say that it fits in the compact perfectly, and the bristles pick up and evenly distribute just the right amount of blush. No big "globs" of blush in sight!

MAC Beauty Powder Blush


  1. Hi

    Do you prefer it to the Shu Uemura blushers

  2. I love the sweetness blush =) but again... that's the only one I have tried from the ones on your picture=)


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