Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship

For the past, oh... 2 months or so I've been occasionally cheating on my "normal" everyday shampoo and conditioner, Pureology. I've been cheating with the raspberry goodness of Herbal Essences new Long Term Relationship products. They really are enjoyable to use. They are a light lilac pearly color, slightly thicker than normal. The smell is amazing, raspberry with a hint of musk. The lather is great, and both products rinse out easily. The result? Shiny, thick and bouncy hair!

I think that the real standout of this collection is actually the Leave-In Conditioner. It has the same great scent, is nice and creamy. I apply it to my hair while wet, only the smallest dime sized amount is needed. My hair is easier to comb out and dries faster. My hair it is definitely softer, smoother, incredibly shiny and not at all weighted down. In the past I've avoided leave ins due to the greasy limp hair that I end up with. This product has entered my everyday routine and I'm not going to give it up!

Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship


Girl-Woman said...

I like to use leave-in conditioners when I swim. I will give this a lap or two. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Is this shampoo okay for color-treated hair? I'm always worried that a shampoo might fade my lowlights.

WOW! Women's World said...

I'll try anything that will lead to a "good hair day." Thanks for the tip...Julie for WOW!

Christine said...

I think it should be fine for color treated hair. I recently added a LOT of low lights and I haven't had fading issues.

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