Green Chic- Yes, it is Possible!

I know it is "trendy" to live green right now, but it really does seem to me that it's becoming so prevalent that this is a trend that is here to stay. As well, since I personally do want to be able to breathe the air in 50 years, I'm trying to make changes to decrease my carbon footprint. But, other than changing out my light bulbs, I'm not really sure what other changes to make.

Actually, let me restate that: I don't know what changes to make that won't dramatically change my lifestyle.

I like long hot showers (ok, they're aren't super long, and I have a low-flow shower head, but you know what I mean), I use my blow dryer and I drive a SUV (it's a Murano, I get good gas mileage). So, I really needed some direction regarding what other changes to make.

Enter Green Chic by Christie Matheson! She's a "normal" person like me, she doesn't want to live like a hippie, but she wants to help save the planet. So, she wrote a book full of small things all of us can do and still decrease our carbon foot print. It turns out that I can do a lot more other than just changing out my light bulbs!

What I love about this book is that she names the names of specific products (eg- Cargo's Plant Love lipstick which comes in a cardboard tube) that are both good and bad, offers a lot of suggestions that I never would have thought of to try out (did you know that some nail salons offer their pedicures with washing your feet in a bowl or basin rather than a traditional spa chair? It saves a ton of water and is more sanitary), and she even offers how much of a carbon footprint impact is associated with each change in behavior.

All that, and she's even entertaining. Just go read about her experiments with "All Natural" deodorant. Trust me, it's a good story!

Green Chic at


  1. great find but i will not find it in Paris.

  2. I love these cargo lipsticks. I also posted a review on it recently.


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