Thymes Red Cherie Collection

I was pretty excited to try out Thymes' new Red Cherie collection for a very silly reason: I love the cherry blossoms on the packaging. I'm a sucker for images like this, and it just sucked me in to the fragrance!

I tried this scent out in the hand wash (so I have no comments about what notes come out after a while for the parfum), and I really have been walking around smelling my hands! (Picture me wandering around my tiny California house, in my comfy giant gray wool sweater, smelling my hands. Don't I look like a crazy person?) The hand wash has a great combination of all the notes, and I just love it! In particular, the Pomegranate and Cherry notes are strong with a lingering bit of the Jasmin.

Notes: Pomegranate, Cherries, Passion Flower, Jasmin, Asian Lychee, Fruity Musk

Thymes Red Cherie

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