Shu Uemura Shadows

The shadows pictured here likely look like nothing special, but they really are! These are New Pressed Eye Shadows by Shu Uemura, and their goodness is just impossible to capture in a picture.

These shadows are well pigmented, easy to apply and blend, they are long lasting without creasing and the colors are just beautiful! They are the only shadows that I have used that rival MAC's shadows. Most other shadows are too powdering making application a bit difficult, are not pigmented enough or fade by mid-day. Not the case here!

IR White 900 While it appears to be white in the picture (and in the compact as well), this shadow actually has quite a bit of gold in it. This is a great highlighting shadow- one sweep leaves behind a light shimmer of warm gold with a bit of off white. The gold is just enough to catch the light and shimmer, AMAZING!

IR Gold 350 Not a true gold, this is more of a dark peach/gold color with the same warm gold shimmer as the IR White 900. This color is just beautiful on the entire lid- the gold catches the light but is not obnoxious while the peach/gold background is very wearable.

M Orange 200 The last color of my trio is the most basic. This shadow is not orange (I wonder a bit about those who name these color at Shu), but is actually a very pretty light peach with a matte finish. It is a fantastic compliment to the other 2 colors featured here.

Shu Uemura

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