Pixel Pink- Yet Again!

Are you tired of my talking about Pixel Pink yet? Maybe someday I’ll stop talking about it. But, not for a while! The lipstick is now available in stores (Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus counters and the five Lancôme boutiques: Manhattan (212.362.4858), The Mall at Short Hills, NJ (973.258.0790), Northpark Mall in Dallas, TX (214.750.9364), Valley Fair Mall in Santa Clara, CA (408.244.8334), and Brea Mall in Brea, CA (714.671.0267)

Yesterday I went to my local Newport Beach Neiman Marcus where I bought two (yes, 2!) backups for myself. I can now wear it forever!

Update: The movie doesn’t seem to want to work allof the time, but here’s the link. It’s really a very cute 3 minute video about how the lipstick was created.
Video on YouTube


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