More Winter Skin Tips from Jake Bailey and Max Factor

My post last week with Jake Bailey’s Quick Foundation Tip was an incredibly popular post. Jake Bailey just spent some time at Sundance, and decided to share some of his tips from the cold and wind with us!

Foundation and Powder
• Use a light liquid foundation that won’t create creases in cold weather
• Choose a lightweight translucent powder such as the MAX Factor ColorGenius Press Powders, so that your makeup doesn’t look to heavy or tired

• Wear blush in the winter because it warms up your skin tone. Stick with a rosy blush (MAX Factor ColorGenius Blush is perfect) to play up the rosy, frost-bitten cheek look we already get in the cold weather

• Because of snowfall and winds, it’s important to use waterproof mascara in winter so that it doesn’t run
• Eyes are the most low-maintenance feature to play up in the winter
1. Try a shimmery metallic shadow, a big trend out of Sundance, such as the MAX Factor Vivid Impact Eye Shadows in Two Cents or Domino Effect to make eyes pop
(Note- I’ve just received a few of these Eye Shadows and will hopefully review them soon! I have a lot of eye looks from Jake that I’ll be sharing soon as well!)
2. With all of the coats, scarves, and hats coming on and off during winter months, brows can get messy and it’s important to keep them in place with a clear brow gel

• Stick with sheer glosses as they keep lips looking moisturized and healthy
• Berry-colored glosses are also good because they warm up skin tone making lips look luscious and skin glowing and flawless


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