MAC N Collection Eyeshadows and Paintpots

MAC N Collection Paint Pots

Paint pots are a product that pretty much only MAC makes, and they are a bit difficult to get the hang of, but the results are well worth the effort. They have a very thick cream consistency. Think of a cold stick of butter, very stiff but you can warm it with your finger and get some of the butter on to your finger. Really, that's the closest analogy I could come up with.

I have 2 colors of Paint Pots from this collection, Soft Ochre and Quite Natural. As you can see here, Soft Ochre is a light yellow/tan color, which is actually very close to my lid color. Quite Natural is a medium, neutral brown. I've tried using it both with and without my lid primer, but have best results without primer. I can get the best results using my finger to blend the color in to my lid. However, you need to be careful to not overblend because the paint pot will become a muddy mess!

The staying power from these Paint Pots is really just unreal! I usually use these to create my eye look on the morning of my call days (those are my 30 hour shifts at the hospital), because even with huge amounts of lid primer regular eye shadow never lasts beyond 18 hours. The Paint Pots seem to last closer to 24 hours without any fading!

While I use these Paint Pots as eyeshadows, I know they could easily be an "all over" color to be used on lips and cheeks as well. I'm hoping that a collection soon will have pinks/peaches to use for highlighting and blush.

MAC N Collection Eye Shadows

The N Collection's Eye Shadows are real winners! All 6 of these shadows are neutrals that will work for anyone and will combine very well with nearly any eyeshadow color. As always, MAC's shadows are very well pigmented, easy to blend and have no creasing!

There have been a few requests to share with you my color combinations, and when I've gotten the hang of taking pictures of my face (beyond just my eyelashes) I'll share some pictures. In the meantime, here are a few of my favorite shadow combinations using these shadows (please refer to Temptalia's Eye Chart if you aren't sure where I'm talking about!)

• My favorite look is a lighter lid with darker areas near the upper lashline and a bit at the outer corner up into the outer lid and outer crease. Nanogold and Modest Tone are both great options to sweep across my entire lid and then blend a bit into the above crease area. Depending on how dramatic I want the look to be, I will use Rich Flesh or Remotely Grey in the outer lid and outer crease area, blending into that base shadow. I then apply eye liner (either Graphblack or Brownborder, also from the N Collection) into my lash line. I really jam it into the lash line, and then blend it up slightly. I like to use Dark Edge right along the lash line over the liner, blending upwards into the shadow. Then, curl your lashes and apply mascara and you are done!

• For days that I'm feeling more dramatic, I'll use the above technique but with darker shadows. Rich Flesh and Remotely Grey become good options for the entire lid, with a darker layer of the same shade in the outer crease and outer lid. I use only Graphblack liner and then Dark Edge along the lash line as well. These days call for more dramatic lashes, so be sure to pile it on!

• To add a bit more depth, that Neutral Pink shade is amazing! It can be used with either of these looks by just blending it in a bit to add some depth. It works best over these looks, and I tend to use it mostly at the outer lid and out crease rather than the entire lid.

• Another option for added depth is to add a shadow with shimmer! My MAC Mineralize Shadow in Family Silver is absolutely perfect for this! The 2 color options (light and dark) make it easy to blend and create depth without changing the color of my shadow. The Mineralize shadow is so great because of the metallic veins within the shadow- the copper shimmer is very pretty but not "in your face" shimmer.

• Yet another look that I've played around with involves adding purple (yes, purple) to the darker look I've discussed. I have Poison Pen (from the Matte Collection) and Memorabilia (from the Originals Collection). Both work well with the N Collection shadows either at the lash line and blended upwards (with Dark Edge) or at the outer lid and outer crease area.

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  1. Loreal's HIP line just came out with these cremeshadow paints that are supposed to be comparable to the paintpots. If they're ever on sale, you should try them to see how they compare to MAC's. Here's a review that Vanessa from Nessasary Makeup did:


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