Gillette Venus Embrace

In late January I was in full-on, looking forward to a few days in Hawaii mode. I was planning my sunscreens and debating which eye shadows to bring (I couldn't pick, I brought enough for everyone in Waikiki).

In the middle of all this, Gillette e-mailed me and asked if I would like to try out the new Venus razor that is coming out. I looked at the Venus I already had in my shower (true), and it was looking very grimy. I had already been debating about replacing it, but if I could have a non-grimy one for my trip, that would be perfect! They even sent me the new Avocado Satin Care Shaving Gel to try out (I already have about 10 bottles of Satin Care stockpiled, but I was more than willing to try out Avocado as well).

So, now I have two Venus Razors. What is the difference between them? There are a ton of changes!
• The new razor has 5 blades instead of 3 blades.
• The head of the Embrace is actually quite a bit larger than the regular Venus. This is because there are areas with built-in moisturizers in the head.
• They say that each razor now individually adjusts and bends to stay in contact with the skin around your knees, ankles and other hard to shave areas. I thought it did that before, but when I look at the Venus site, I see that they didn't do this.

So, I took my razor with me to Hawaii (always a high-shave situation), where it was cold and rainy. I wore pants a lot, and I liked the razor, but I couldn't really see how it was any better than the razor that I already owned. So, I decided to do some head to head testing once I was home in California.

For my testing, I decided that I would use the new Avocado Satin Care (more about that later) on each leg, and then I would use the new Embrace on my left leg, Classic Venus on my right leg. Each razor started with a fresh blade, and I shaved like this for 3 days straight. What differences did I note?
• There were minor differences in smoothness while I was in the shower, with my left leg (the new Venus Embrace) feeling smoother. Once out of the shower, dried and moisturized, I couldn't tell the difference.
• The Embrace really does glide over skin much more smoothly, making shaving with it faster and smoother than with the Classic Venus. It really did help quite a bit especially around my knees and ankles, which I have to go over several times with my Venus Classic.
• The Embrace's size was a bit of a hinderance when shaving in smaller areas like the bikini line and underarm area. The area of the blades is not very different between the two razors, the difference really is that "moisture strip" area on the Embrace. Honestly, the moisture stuff there was washed off pretty much as soon as the razor was wet, and I think that the use of the Satin Care negated any moisture strips anyways. I'd like to see an Embrace come out without these moisture strips.

What about the Satin Care? Truthfully, I am already somewhat addicted to Satin Care. You know how some people buy sour cream everytime they go to the grocery store, convinced they need it? And at home they have about five containers? That is me and Satin Care. If you look under the sink in our guest bath at any given point, I guarantee that there will be at least seven Satin Care bottles, all in different scents. I love this stuff, and I probably use one about every ten days or so. So, even if I buy more, I know I will use it all up soon!

Satin Care really is just amazing stuff, and if you don't use it yet you should! It is a gel, and when mixed up in your hands it suddenly becomes lighter, foamy and it seems to expand before your eyes! Shaving becomes much faster, nicks basically non-existant, and it really seems to cut down on any shaving irritation I might have. It comes in many fruity scents, and I tend to like Wild Berry the best. The Avocado scent didn't seem to offer anything new over the other scents, but I did really find the blend of Avocado and Jasmine to be refreshing. You can bet that next time I buy Satin Care the Avocado scent will be coming home with me!

Gillette Venus Embrace
Gillette Satin Care


La Belette Rouge said...

I have never gone in for shaving cream. I use the L'occitane almond shower oil to shave with and yet you have inspired me to add Satin Care to my grocery list---and, some sour cream would be good too;-)

The Apprentice said...

That was a really thorough review! Lovely to read.

Jennifer said...

Great post!
I've never used shaving gel/cream at all. Just soap and water...def.going to give the avocado scented one a try.

Court said...

I love the Satin Care too! Will have to give the avocado a try. :-)

Anonymous said...

I just tried this razor, and love it!! I have always just used mens dispoable razors, but holy crap, this razor beats all of those! Five blades, and like you said, it just glided over my skin. It made shaving not such a chore. I've actually shaved every day since I've gotten it, which I haven't done in a long time. Love this product!!

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