Thursday, February 14, 2008

Fafi is here!

I have to admit, one of the worst things about going to Hawaii for work recently was what I found in the mail when I got home. It was an invite from my local MAC store to a preview of the FAFI Collection. I had already missed the RSVP date by the time I was home!

You can see most of the colors in this picture (I took some out, I was a bit tired of just lining everything up in Photoshop). I've heard that most of this collection is just amazing, and you can be sure that I'll be running over there to check it out soon! (Likely as soon as I get this little presentation I'm giving at work tomorrow out of the way...)

In the meantime, check out Fafi Swatches on Makeup and Beauty Blog, Karen went through a lot to get us those swatches! I think I'm most interested in the Layin' Low and Nice Vice Paintpots, Fafi Eyes 1 Quad, all of the blushes and powders, and especially that Strawbaby lipstick (already a big favorite over on Makeup Alley).

Which shades are you going to check out?

MAC's Fafi Collection

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CincyFan said...

I got Strawbaby last night and I LOVE it. I also picked up the Hipness blush, the polishes and all 3 dolls. I couldn't resist!

The MUA put the Eyes 2 palette on me and it looked really good. Much better than I anticipated. Though darling Nikki looked fab in Eyes 1.

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