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CoverGirl TruBlendYou may have already seen the displays at your local store- Cover Girl has come out with a new line of foundations, concealers and powders, called TruBlend. They are based upon new technology, which I had some great pictures of (until I lost them on my hard drive!) I’ll just explain what Cover Girl Scientist Sarah Vickery said when explained why these products are different.

The TruBlend products are based on totally different pigments than traditional pigments. The traditional iron oxide pigments are about 0.1-2 micrometers in size, and their colors are dark and muted. The new Colorwise Particles are 15-25 micrometers in size and are very vividly colored. Think Bozo the Clown vivid! As well, they have a very different affinity for the skin, and will spread smoothly and evenly on skin (I had some great pics of them under microscopes on the skin), while the iron oxide pigments really settle into any textured area of the skin. The result? Traditional pigments are settling into any dry or wrinkled areas, Colorwise particles are spread evenly across the skin. The new pigments will blend into your skin, creating a more natural look!

Cover Girl has created a totally new shade system for these products. Numbers 1-6 note how dark the shade within that number are, as you can see in the picture above (I’m a number 1). Within each number there are a few foundation shades, mostly differences in coolness vs warmth. Because the bottles are completely clear (Why are they usually a bit tinted? I’m not sure…) You really can get a true idea of what the color is like. And, if you are a bit off don’t worry too much, they are pretty sheer so being a tad bit off is usually fine. Once you know what number you are, simply buy that same number in the concealer (it’s a liquid with a wand) and pressed powder.

Once you finallly have the correct shade in your hot little hands, it’s finally time to apply it! I use one pump worth of foundation, and I literally just smear it all over my face, blending it in with my fingers and then finishing with a little sponge. The coverage is good, I suddenly have a much more even skintone, but I don’t look like I have on foundation! My shade is a tad off for me when I first apply, but after blending it looks great!

The concealer is fine, the color matches perfectly. But, I have to admit that I wish there was a second concealer product. The sheer coverage of the concealer is perfect for my blemishes and around my nose. However, I need 2-3 coats under my eyes which can sometimes get a bit cakey. If Cover Girl could come out with a thicker, creamy concealer, that would be perfect!

Finallly, I complete the look with the pressed powder. I apply with the puff, then buff it into my skin with a brush. Again, I don’t look like I have on a mask of makeup after this powder. It does a good job of keeping my shininess at bay for most of the day.

I’ve really been enjoying my TruBlend products. I look like my skintone is even without redness, but you can’t tell that I have it on! There is no dreaded “mask of foundation” with these products! If you’re looking for a foundation to try out, you’ll want to run to your nearest Cover Girl location. Don’t forget to check out the powder foundation and blush in the TruBlend Display if you decide to pick these up! I’ll be reviewing them soon as well.

Cover Girl TruBlend


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  1. February 14, 2008 / 6:11 pm

    I too have problem under eye circles..what concealer do you prefer?thanks

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