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If you don't know who Billy B is, you really should! He really is a true makeup artist, and he is the man behind a huge number of amazing makeup layouts in magazines, makeup for music videos, movies, celebrity appearances. The man is so amazing that Kevyn Aucoin mentioned Billy as a mentor in his book Making Faces!

Lately I've had quite a few requests from readers to review some makeup brushes, so be on the look out for more. But I do have to say that these Billy B brushes are most definitely my favorite that I have used. I have brushes at home from MAC (both regular line brushes and their "special edition" brushes from the Holidays), Bobbi Brown, Sonia Kashuk, Clinique, and way too many to continue to list here.

These Billy B brushes are really quite different than any other brushes I have used. I tried out the "essential" collection, so they came in a great black nylon roll. For now on, this roll is always going to be my travel companion! The brushes each have their own slot to keep them well organized and protected from damage. The brushes themselves have lightweight bamboo handles, and they are very well balanced with the heavier head. The bristles are either natural or synthetic, depending upon the use of the brush. I think that my favorite brush of the set is likely Four, which is a small blush/contour blush. It is absolutely perfect for a light wash of bronzer or shimmer powder!

Billy B also has a few other items you should definitely check out, one of which is this eyelash curler. Honestly, I have never understood why one would need an expensive eyelash curler, so I have always used a Revlon curler.

After trying out this Billy B curler I can see that there really is a difference! The curler fits much more easily in my hand, and I no longer live in fear of lashes getting stuck in the sides of the curler (resulting in the dreaded "lash pullout", a painful thing I hope none of you live through!). The curl I get is much longer lasting, looks better (an actual curl instead of a bend in the lash), and is definitely worth the price of the curler!

The last item I think you should check out is this lipbrush. Billy made this brush after he was tired of continually losing the top for his lip brushes.

If you enlarge the picture you will be able to see more easily what makes this brush so special. At the end you will see two little doors, which open and close as the brush retracts. The brush is perfectly protected but with the need for a cap!

As well, you'll notice that the lip brush is a bit more "robust" than most lip brushes, which for me results in an easier, more accurate application of my lipstick.

No cap to lose, and better lipstick application? What more could a girl ask for?

Billy B Beauty

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Modelizer said...

would you say his eyelash curler is better than shu's or on the same level? I think I'm finally going to give in and buy one, but I want a really great one for my freakishly long lashes.

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