The Beauty Bowl: Combating Cold Weather

In celebration of the big game this weekend, a few beauty bloggers decided to get together for themed posts! Inspired by those freezing games recently (and a lot of e-mails regarding winter skin), I thought I'd discuss my favorite winter skin products! Even in Southern California things have gotten chilly! A drop in temperature and humidity wreaks havoc on my skin!

I think that the most obvious tips are the ones we all hear over and over, yet never follow. You need to find a way to keep moisture in you skin (and mucus membranes, you sinuses will thank you), and one of the easiest is to use a humidifier. Make sure you clean it often and buy one sized appropriately for the room it will be in.

Take shorter showers, use warm water instead of hot, and be sure to apply moisturizer right after your shower to seal in moisture.

Increase the intensity of your moisturizers, for both body and face. Earlier this year I tried out Lancome Aqua Fusion Lotion, and at the time it was a tad too moisturizing. I took it to Michigan with me over the Holidays and my suspicions were confirmed- in drier, colder air, this lotion was perfect for my combination/dry skin!

I have eczema on my legs, which requires heavy moisturizers in the summer and only gets worse in the winter. My favorite body wash is Olay Complete Body Wash due to the high proportion of oils and other moisturizers, as well as the gentle surfactants. Once out of the shower I slather myself with huge amounts of Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream (it's a good thing they sell this stuff by the vat at Costco!), usually within about 2-3 minutes of drying myself off. I'm also really enjoying Bioelements Vitalization as an alternative to Cetaphil.

I tend to reapply moisturizer at night, and since I'm not trying to seal in moisture I like to use a moisturizer that will sooth my skin. Lately I have especially loved Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturizing Lotion since the oatmeal and menthol both help to decrease my itchiness.

For my hands, I need intensive treatment! I do like both Gloves in a Bottle and Become's Hand Cream for their barrier effects. However, if my skin is anything less than perfect, I use Kiehl's Ultimate Strength Hand Salve, which has many of the same barrier properties but also has a great tingling/cooling feeling during application which I find to be incredibly soothing.

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  1. love your list! I am going to look into that Lancome product you mentioned, looks great!!


  2. That's true! Humidifiers are important to dry skincare as well!


  3. If you use moisturizers at night , you should try AVON's Ultimate Age Night repair cream. It is incredible. I love it. i just slather it on and it totally absorbs.My skin looks so much better. It is my favorite right now.You can check it out at


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