Shu Uemura's Precise Volume Mascara

For the past year or so I've been collecting "Holy Grail" products that I love. In a normal life, these are the products that meet all of the criteria I look for in this product category, and if I wasn't testing for this blog I would buy that product and likely be incredibly loyal to it. (Except for lipgloss, I'd buy lots more of that gloss, but I need to have about 15 types on me at all times).

Well, I have just removed 4 mascaras from the Holy Grail category on this blog. Why? Because this is the holy grail mascara to end all mascaras. This is amazing and perfect. Seriously. With this mascara I have volume and length that can only be acheived with either falsies or Magic Lash. Both of these are definitely too hard to do everyday!

The pictures of my results speak for themselves. The pictures actually don't even do my lashes justice! The volume is much more impressive in person! They are long and lush, and I have actually had people ask me why I was wearing false eyelashes to work!

This mascara is very easy to apply. There is no clumping, no issues with spidery lashes, and 1 coat is all that you need for these results! My lashes stay curled all day long and there is never a smudge or flake in sight!

My only complaint about this mascara is that it's waterproof, so I must use eye makeup remover to take it off (it comes off very easily with my favorite Lancome Eye Makeup Remover). Which means I can't cheat and just use my facial cleanser!

For now on, unless I'm testing a mascara I will be using this mascara. I hope they've stocked up at the Shu store in South Coast Plaza, because I'll be buying them out!

Shu Uemura's Precise Volume Mascara


  1. Good review...and yet another mascara to try in the Quest for the HG!

  2. i love the EA Ceramide, so much that I bought a second tube - but this one seems kinda crappy.
    However, I got a sample of Sephora Lash Plump - it's awesome. The more you swipe, the more intense your lashes get without any clumping. You should def try this one out.

  3. Hi 15 minute beauty fanatic,
    I was wondering which four mascaras you knocked out of HG status? But thanks for the tip, I'll try this mascara soon!

  4. I left all of the references to them being HG Mascaras in the posts, so I had to go back and look them up! :D

    I have EA Cermide
    MAC Plush Lash
    Prescriptives False Eyelashes
    Cover Girl Lash Blast

    I would add Lancome's High Definicils to this list (I'll review it in the next few weeks), it gives great length, holds curl just has a bit less volume than the Shu.

  5. I try very, very hard not to try expensive non-drugstore mascaras, because I am afraid I will fall in love and then need to constantly spend lots of money on that mascara.

    But your lashes look so gorgeous, I might have to splurge on a tube of this.

  6. I was about to invest in DiorShow, now I'm wondering if this is a better choice...

  7. Oh man--now I have to have it Christine!!! Your lashes look super fab!

  8. Wow, your lashes look amazing! I tried the shu uemura fiber xtension, but your results are so much better than what I got. I think I'm going to go out and buy this one

  9. Hi, Christine,

    First of all, thank you so much for this wonderfully helpful service you offer! I just came upon your site recently while researching mascaras on the internet, and I now have it bookmarked for future use. :)

    Now to my question. Have you happened to notice how long the Precise Volume mascara lasts in the tube before getting clumpy/crumbly? My current favorite, Clinique's Long Pretty, stays good to the very last drop, and I would miss that feature if I were to switch. The only problem that I have with the Long Pretty is that way too much product comes out on the brush, and I'm weary of the pre-application hassle of scraping off the excess every day. Your lashes with this Precise Volume look wonderful--just like I'd like mine to look, and the "double wiper system" this mascara offers is really appealing to me. However, I'd like to learn of its durability before spending so much to get it. Thanks.

  10. Hi Susan!
    Keeping in mind that my use isn't "typical" as I don't use the same mascara until it is gone (I'm constantly testing new ones, only about 1/3 actually make it to the blog), the last time I used the mascara a few weeks ago it still seemed great! I'm probably about half way through the tube if I had to guess and it's not at all dried out and clumpy.
    Hope that helps!

  11. THIS IS MY HG MASCARA TOO! I love it, its amazing.


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