Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year's Makeovers

I'm sure that many of you made a New Year's Resolution today to revamp your look, get out of your rut and move on. Well, lucky you, there are plenty of websites meant to help you with that!

iVillage's Makeover-o-matic

I think this is likely the most addictive of the sites, you can use a virtual model or your own photo, try out a huge number of hair styles, makeup shades (they even provide brand names and shades) and even vary which are of the eye lid you put that shadow, how heavily you apply, et cetera. This is an amazing site, and I have been stuck there for hours!

Makeover Solutions

This site has a similar tool, but you do need to sign up and pay to use it beyond the free trial. However, there are a ton of videos and tips to help you get that new look!

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