NARS Shanghai Lily- Spring 2008

I finally realized that I have never posted about NARS, which is odd since I love NARS. Curious about what is new with their products, I rushed over to their site just in time for the news about Spring 2008!

Just looking at the products, they seem to be somewhat disjointed, and don’t really fit together as a collection. But, upon further investigation it turns out that this is a look inspired by Marlene Dietrich. Think strong brows, strong lip with subtle eyes, suddenly this seems like such a fresh idea!

All three of the eye shadows in this collection look soft but with frost/shimmer to keep things from being too boring

Both of the lipsticks work well with the “Marlene” look, and are also great for this winter!

Thank goodness they decided to release this lip gloss on it’s own! The Dolce Vita shade has long been a favorite lipstick of mine, it’s a great red/berry color that is very flattering to all skin tones. Released this Holiday as part of a set (with eye shadow) for Sephora, it appears this color is now available on its own!

For days that you feel more like playing up your eyes, you’ll need a pale lippie, and these will be perfect! Just add the eye shadows, a thick dark eyeliner and some false eye lashes and you’ll be set!



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