Kiehl's New Abyssine + Skincare!

I love Kiehl's (a lot of my every day stand-by products are from them), so any new products from Kiehl's are big news to me! The new Abyssine + Line is really a few new products plus reformulated (and amped up) products that were already available. These are great anti-aging products helping to fight fine lines and wrinkles, improve firmness and elasticity and acting as an anti-oxidant all while moisturizing your skin!

The Abyssine + Line has a few important active ingredients that you should know about:
Corallina Extract: A new antioxidant, derived from red alga. This ingredient has been found to also increase epidermal thickness (important in aging) as well as improve moisture retention.
Abyssine: A "survival molecule" (I'm not sure what that means either, sounds like a small organism almost...) from near deep ocean vents, has been shown to "soothe and protect skin."
Vitamins C & E: found in all of these products (except that the eye cream only has vitamin e), these are also great antioxidants and help wiith radiance of the skin.

Abyssine Cream +

The basic skin cream, I'd pick this if I was using a different sunscreen (such as Kiehl's UV Protective Suncare, a great product I'm including in my sunscreen series)

Abyssine Cream + SPF 23

Basically the same as the cream but with broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection

Abyssine Lotion + SPF 15

This lighter weight lotion is probably a better choice than the cream for those with combination/oily skin.

Abyssine Serum

The serum apparently absorbs quickly making it very lightweight, usually serums can contain higher concentrations of active ingredients than a lotion due to the base.

Abyssine Eye Cream +

The eye cream provides instant moisture for the eye area and is ophthalmologist approved. They even say that it "diminishes the look of fatigue," so you can be sure that I'll be picking this one up!

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