Dove’s Self-Esteem Fund

As part of their Campaign for Real Beauty, Dove is adding a Self-Esteem component aimed at teenage girls. The goal is a very ambitious one- they will be creating outreach programs and hope to reach 1 Million girls soon!

One of the underlying premises for the initiative is that many girls develop insecurities about their looks as a teen, impacting their self esteem and then making them less likely to reach their full potential later in life. By breaking that cycle, Dove hopes to change what we think of as beautiful. Imagine what today’s teenagers can make of themselves!

Dove’s Reality DiariesThe Reality Diaries centers around four real girls who reveal their actual thoughts, insecurities and how they navigate their seemingly perfect lives. Not everyone is the confident, perfect girl that they appear to be and throughout the series they get advice from Dove’s Self Esteem Expert, Jessica Weiner.

Dove’s Self-Esteem Fund Website


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