ABBA Pure Shine Drops

While this bottle may be small, let me assure you that the product within packs quite a punch!

In the past I’ve had big issues with shine serums, since the liquid ones are very easily over applied, resulting in greasy, limp hair. I’ve really loved Frederic Fekkai’s Glossing Sheer Shine Mist, since it’s spray form was much more idiot-proof. However, sometimes I’d like to be able to concentrate shine more in a certain location or increase the shine intensity.

Well, these drops have fixed all of my problems. True, they’re basic silicone hair drops like so many other drops. However, I do maintain that they’re different! They produce shine, and are are good in-between option for adding shine. If you apply way too much you can get a bit greasy, but not to the extent that it looks like you’ve dipped your head in a vat of oil. It’s amazing, these are goof-proof shine drops, who knew that they existed?


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