Thursday, December 20, 2007


While I'm married (and happily at that), I thought that this ring was a great idea and wanted to share it with everyone. What is it? This is a Singelringen, Swedish for "The Single Ring." The idea started at a dinner amongst friends. With wedding rings you can tell who is married, so why not a similar ring for singles?

The result is this ring, which is even prettier in real life than in these pictures. It's a very simple design, acrylic with a pretty teal color (they say blue, looks more teal to me, but is actually fairly close to Tiffany's blue), over a silver ring. There's a semi-circular cutout on one side, as you can see above. This ring is meant to be worn on the right hand or a chain around the neck, as a sign that you're single, and happy with that. As well, the ring is uni-sex, and will look great on either men or women.

The ring comes with a unique code, which can be used to log in to the Singelringen network, where you can connect with other wearers around the world. The network is not small, about 150,000 people wear the ring already!

Hollywood has embraced the ring as well, celebrities such as Naomi Campbell, Mario Lopez, and Terrence Howard have all been spotted wearing the ring. Even Jennifer Love Hewitt got one for her mother as a gift!

The ring I checked out will be going to my sister in North Carolina, where apparently the ring is catching on! My sister knows people who wear the ring, now she'll be wearing one too!



Daneen :) said...

Too cute. I want one too, but I'm married. Maybe they could make a bracelet or some ball-and-chain dangly earrings for someone like me! Thanks for sharing, Christine!

lena said...

I didn't give up my Singelringen when I got into a relationship because you're right, it is cute, it brought me good luck (I met him while I was wearing it) and it reminds me not to give up my sense of myself when I'm with somebody - I hate it when I do that!

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