Random Facts About Me

I’ve been tagged again, this time by Daneen over at Spoiled Pretty. I’m starting to run out of facts about myself, I’ve been tagged twice already. In case you missed the first two times, here are the facts that I’ve already posted, then 7 more…

First Seven Facts
1. I talk to my parents every couple of days on the phone, and really consider myself one of the lucky few who really get along with their parents. Both my mom and dad are fantastic, fun and easy to talk to people that I really enjoy spending time with.

2. I am a huge klutz, my legs are full of bruises from me running in to the footboard of the bed, the counter in the middle of the unit at work, the coffee table in the living room…

3. I dress on purpose to look older at work. I really and truly do look about 10 years younger than I am (which, now that I think about it, means I probably should not be freaking out about 30 quite so much), but I have had a lot of patient’s parents ask where the doctor is. This is usually about 30 seconds after I introduce myself as the doctor.

4. I love everything Jane Austen, I reread each of her books pretty much every year, watch all of the movies and BBC miniseries constantly.

5. I can’t knit. A few years ago my mom taught me and I flew back to California from Michigan with a lot of yarn, needles and a few books. My mom came out to visit me recently and I sent her home with my 6 inches of very poorly knit blanket and the skeins of yarn because I couldn’t even remember how to do a single stitch!

6. Orange has always been my favorite flavor in anything like juice, candy, soda, Tic Tacs, gum…

7. I have to remind myself to call Soda “Soda” everytime I use the word, even though I have lived out here in California for 4 years. I still try to say Pop!

Another 8 Random Facts
1. I worked at a fudge and candy store for 5 summers in junior high and high school. It was a family owned store, in a small town on Lake Michigan. We made over 30 flavors of fudge (my favorite was a chocolate fudge with real peanut butter layered in it, called Tiger Butter). We also made flavored popcorn (think Raspberry and Blueberry), fresh squeezed lemonade and lots of other goodies. I spent so much time around chocolate that I became desensitized to it, and it was years before I could smell it again.

2. I share my birthday with Magic Johnson and Steve Martin.

3. When I was a baby, my mom sang me the only 2 songs she knew- You are my Sunshine and the University of Michigan Fight Song. Big surprise that I ended up there for eight years of school, huh?

4. My husband suggested I start my own blog, but I’m not sure he was listening when I told him that I did it. Addendum- I don’t think he realized I had this blog for quite a while, but he is very aware now!

5. I spend a LOT of time on Makeup Alley’s Nailboard.

6. When I lived in Michigan I drove a red Chrysler LeBaron Convertible, but then got a black Nissan Murano SUV when I moved to Southern California. Yeah, seems kinda backward to me too!

7. I have a lot of rare physical anomalies- for example, I am missing 1 muscle in my hands on each side, my elbows are strangely angled and it actually hurts to have them straight, my eyes are solid brown (I don’t even have little flecks of other browns).

8. I LOVE all things Martha Stewart. Really. I tivo her show every day, have subscribed for years, and you should have seen my wedding planning! My family even calls me Martha. Too bad I can’t keep plants alive, but I can cook and I’m crafty.

7 New Facts
1. I love Harry Potter, I have all seven books, I pre-ordered the last one the day it became available on Amazon, which was the day that the name was announced months before the release. I am actually watching Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone as I type this!

2. My family loves to watch movies at Christmas, and for some reason we especially love to watch Star Wars (the original trilogy) and the Die Hard movies. We will have long marathons!

3. I like to play World of Warcraft. Say what you want, I like to kill the monsters!

4. I love everything Disney. I have a season pass to Disneyland!

5. I am now listed in the blogroll over at Manolo’s Shoe Blog, which really and truly excites me to no end! If you don’t see me, hit refresh, his blogroll recycles with each refresh. I’m there!

6. This season, I find myself with little interest in most of my favorite television shows. I had huge excitement for Bionic Woman, it was off of my Tivo list within 2 episodes. I haven’t seen the last month of Grey’s Anatomy. A few of those episodes were automatically deleted from my Tivo, and I really don’t seem to care. Even Heroes, the show I used to be very excited about every week seems to be lagging. I’m usually about 2 episodes behind. Sigh.

7. The one show that I am excited about is of course, Project Runway! I’ve been watching each show at the edge of my seat, I race to the Bravo Website for updates and go to Bluefly to look at the accessory wall and perhaps buy a similar outfit to the winning one. My favorite part though is the recaps from The Manolo and Dan Renzi (yes, the guy from the Real World). Both of them always make me laugh until I cry!


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