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Yesterday I had a last minute opportunity which I'm so incredibly glad I took advantage of! I drove up to LA, something I almost never do, and was able to meet with Jake Bailey, a celebrity makeup artist for Max Factor. Jake is the makeup artist that made Kyra Sedgwick look fantastic at the Emmy Awards, and he frequently works with celebrities like Paris Hilton (say what you want about the girl, but she does look good!) and Carmen Electra (who is also a spokesperson for Max Factor).

Jake is a complete sweetheart, and I had a great time with him, Holly and Joy, who work with Max Factor. Jake was very excited to show me some fast ("definitely less than 15 minute") looks, and I'll be highlighting those in the near future in individual posts. While I frantically scribbled notes and jotted down product names and shades, Holly was our model and Joy took a million pictures!

Jake went over some similar looks and shades with me yesterday as he did on KTLA today, here's a closer look at what he discussed this morning.

The Perfect Red Lip

Jake gave me this lip gloss out of his kit yesterday, and I have simply fallen in love with it! This is Secret Rendezvous, the MAXalicious gloss that looks perfect on everyone. Really, it truly does look great on everyone! It is the same shade that he used on Kyra Sedgwick at the Emmys that I loved so much, and it looks fantastic on me as well! It's not a "true" red, but has a bit more berry in it (which I think makes it more wearable) and has just enough shimmer in it to make it really pretty. The color is buildable with more gloss, and can range from a berry tone to a much deeper red. The gloss is not sticky, wears well, is easy to apply (it has an angled top, which I love), and it tastes like chocolate!

Vivid Impact Mascara

Jake has a few great tips for using the Vivid Impact Mascara which he shared on KTLA and with me yesterday. His favorite shade is the 24 Karat Brown. One end is a basic brown mascara, but the other end is clear mascara with gold/tan irridescence suspended in it.

Jake explained to me that many women (myself included) are very reluctant to line, use shadow or even mascara on the lower lash line. But, often to make a look more finished, you do need some definition of the lower lid. He loves using the gold end of the Vivid Impact mascara on the lower lashes. The color blends beautifully with most people's lashes, offers definition and the gold does really highlight the eyes but isn't too dramatic. I wore this shade on my lower lashes yesterday, and I loved the look!

A second way that Jake likes to use this color is as a brow gel. Especially on those with dark blond or light brown hair, the gold tone looks very pretty in the brows without being overly obvious. It is perfect for a night out!

Easy Smokey Eye

The final look shown on KTLA this morning is very similar to one that Jake showed me yesterday, and it really is a 45 second smokey eye look! The MAXeye Liner really is unique in the world of eye liners. It comes in an automatic mechanical pencil so you will never need to sharpen it (which I hate to do), and the liner itself is quite a bit softer and more blendable than other liners.

This morning Jake used Jean Jacket, a dark navy color to create this look. Jake told me that Jean Jacket is particularly great for those of us with brown eyes, but an alternative is Green & Bare It which works for any eye color (and looked absolutely incredible on Holly's blue eyes). In order for this look to really work, he says you need to really "jam" the liner into your lash line, and there is no need to be precise as you will be blending with your finger. Simply line the lower lid to the corner, and the upper lid with a line that goes about half way up the lid. You can blend the line with your finger easily. To make the look even more dramatic, line the inner lower lid with a black liner.

In January Max Factor will be releasing Vivid Impact shadows, which I can not wait to be released! These products are loose and highly pigmented shadows that come in a double ended wand. The colors are truly amazing, and such a deal at about $8 a pop! Many of the looks that Jake showed me yesterday require these shadows, so I can tell you that I will be rushing out to get my hands on them as soon as they are released! Today I already purchased Jean Jacket, Grin and Bear It, Night Club and Dollar Signs MAXeye liners, as well as Volume Couture and 2000 Calorie Mascara. Reviews and more looks and tips from Jake are coming your way soon!


Sarah said...

I really want to try that mascara! I'll check it out when I catch it on sale @ CVS or Walgreens!

nilla cookie said...

Sounds like you and Jake had a lot of fun! Looking forward to trying Vivid Impact shadows! :)

LeAnne@Hairs My Story Team said...

THanks for info
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