Thursday, December 06, 2007

Creme of Nature- Organic Relaxer

I know what you are thinking- Why is Christine talking about relaxer? Because this isn't normal relaxer. It's organic, and lye free! The product promises shiny, soft hair that will just amaze you! The secret is an oil that is mixed into the relaxer before you even apply it. The product also includes chamomile to soothe, kiwi to protect and aloe to heal any irritation.

This isn't a product that I can try out myself (my hair is wavy, but not enough so that a relaxer will do a thing to it). But, the company has very generously offered to sponsor a giveaway, so if any readers want to try it they can!

The first 10 readers to e-mail me their full name and address can try it out!

UPDATE All 10 have been taken! Thanks everyone! I'll be e-mailing all of you later!

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