ABBA Pure Thermal Protect Spray

I’ve been using this spray for a few weeks, and I’m really enjoying it, but not because it’s protecting my hair. (I’m sure that it must be doing that, but truthfully I’m not really sure how one can tell if a product is doing that.) But, because while it is protecting my hair this spray also has some very minor hold associated with it. It creates just a bit of texture that helps me style my hair once I have blown it straight.

While my hair is incredibly thick in terms of density (I have to have it thinned out every 6 weeks or so, lest I want to look like Bozo with triangle hair), but it is very fine. Once I’ve straightened it out of it’s mildly wavy state, it tends to become slippery and just wants to lie there on my head. I spritz the Thermal Protect Spray (which just smells like a bunch of herbs to me) in to my damp hair, and blow dry as usual. My hair afterwards is easier to style, not sticky as it is with gel or other leave-in treatments, and I feel like I’ve prevented some of the problems caused by my daily styling routine.


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