A Visit to the Dior Counter

When in Chicago, I like to make a visit to my favorite Beauty Department. This isn’t a department store I usually frequent in California (I don’t wear enough Gucci to be allowed admittance for So Cal), but in Chicago this store has a totally different feel. Saks Fifth Avenue on Michigan Avenue (yes, you read that right) has the entire first floor devoted to beauty! There’s a great collection of lines there, everything from Kiehl’s and Jo Malone to Chanel and Lancome. After seeing Dior’s Holiday 2007 Collection over on Makeup Bag, I decided that I had to check out the amazing palette for myself. And I proceeded to spend nearly an hour in the Makeup Artist’s chair, trying tons of products!

First my skin was prepped using Hydraction Serum with Hydraction Visible Defense Light Creme SPF 20 and Visible Defense Eye Cream. All 3 smell very faintly of perfume that I couldn’t quite identify, but which was a subtle addition to the products that I really enjoyed. That day in Chicago all 3 products were used on me and resulted in glowy skin! However, once I was home in California with my samples it was obvious that in the So Cal heat they were simply too moisturizing. I turned into an oil slick! However, with omitting the serum I was able to recreate the super moisturized/glowy look that I had in Chicago.

Perhaps the product I wanted to try the most is the Dior Airflash foundation. I’ve heard rave reviews for this foundation, and I have been wanting to try out it’s perfect finish. Just one spray and it’s done!

I’ve talked about how pale I am in the past, and that was a bit of an issue here. The lightest color Dior makes is a 200, I’m a…. about a 175. Truthfully, despite not having a perfect match, I still wore the foundation the rest of the day. This foundation was great. It went on in about 15 seconds, required no blending (just a headband to keep it out of my hair), and the finish was perfect. It still looked perfect when I went to bed about 8 hours later! It did not even need to be blended. You can bet that I will be trying out this foundation for the summer when I have a touch more color!

While I didn’t purchase any of these products I did buy a bronzer and a lip gloss, reviews will be coming soon!




  1. November 9, 2007 / 9:38 pm

    Oh wow! DiorFlash sounds like something I want to try today! It really sprays on and just stays there?

  2. November 10, 2007 / 3:28 am

    It does! It took her almost no time to put it on, and the Makeup Artist said that she almost never even has to blend this stuff! Amazing!

    They don’t sell it at Sephora though, you have to go to a full Dior counter to get it. I am definitely going to get it in the summer!

  3. instantnoodlegl
    November 11, 2007 / 7:05 am

    I use this foundation daily. And I love this stuff. Its feels very light, quick to apply and last all day. My only complaints about it is that when you get towards the end of the bottle it splurts. I’m also a little paranoid about inhaleing foundation’s fumes. But overall it is still my all time favorite.

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