The Transition from Summer Hair to Winter Hair

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Now that everyone’s heat wave is finally resolving, this is the time to think about the transition from summer to winter hair. While I hope that some of us have already started to do this, I thought that a little input from our expert Dustin David would be very helpful! I asked Dustin some questions over e-mail a while ago (actually, it was an embarassing amount of time ago, I’ve got to get faster about putting these posts out!), and his advice was incredibly helpful and very specific!

What are the styles/colors that Dustin sees as “big” in the next 3-6 months, and how can we best transition our style for the change in weather?

It’s all about warning it up! Richen up those brown tones by adding warmth. Take away that “over-lightened summer blonde” by adding depth, using “selective shading” or low-lights.

Having your salon professional use Goldwell Colorance to deepen your color and add shine to that faded summer hair is also great. Making sure that you are treating hair that may become dry from the process of blow drying, by using Kerastase Masquintense for Fine or Thick hair in salon or at home.

I completely agree with Dustin on this one. Every year I try to transition my hair color to a slightly darker, warmer tone for the fall and winter. Somehow it really does seem to go better with the weather, and it will help to keep your skin tone from looking washed out as you lose that summer glow. Here are some pics of my hair. The summer pic was taken back in August (I know it’s ugly, but it really does hold my hair well and it’s comfortable people!), and then a few days ago. If you look carefully at the color you will notice that I’ve increased the amount of lowlights and my color is much warmer than it was during the summer.

As well, I make a point of protecting my hair from the abuse I put it through with my dryer and straight iron. I use my Garnier Sleek & Shine Fortifying Deep Conditioner about once a week. However, I have been using this one for quite some time, and Dustin’s recommendation makes me think I’ll try out the Kerastase next. I recently tried out a new deep hair conditioner, watch for a review in the next 1-2 days (it was much better than the Garnier!)

Transitioning hair between these seasons is such a fun time for hair. Shorter “bobs” are a great way to remove damaged hair from all that beach left over from the summer, and works great with those turtlenecks worn in the winter. Longer, “bigger hair” is also a fun way to balance out those big winter coats and blazers. Having longer hair is also great to give your stylist more options when having it styled for the upcoming holiday parties and events. It’s all about softness, fullness, and really using your hair to accessorize your winter outfits.

Once again, Dustin is right! Especially for those that have spent a lot of time this summer in the sun and water (at the pool or at the beach), their hair is likely to be dry and damaged with split ends and dullness which just can’t be fixed with any number of deep conditioning treatments. Once you’ve hit that point, the only option really is to chop it off. Lucky for those that have no choice, the bob is back! While much has been made in recent months about Posh’s haircut (and then Katie’s cut, seen here), the trend really does seem to be taking off, especially here in So Cal. A bob like Katie’s can get rid of damaged hair and add lots of style at once.

In addition, I have to point out that likely the poster child for the long hair that Dustin is discussing is Gisele. Her hair is long, thick and incredibly healthy. I love seeing pics of her as she walks down the street or around the airport with her waves just cascading over her shoulders- this is exactly the look that balances really well with fall’s great coats.

What are the biggest mistakes you see in both hairstyle and color?

You have to really make sure that your salon professional works with you on creating not just the style that you want, but one that will also work with your facial features, your lifestyle and hair color. The worst mistake is when you see women with hairstyles that may work for someone they saw in a magazine, but not necessarily for them. Another thing is that it’s so important to keep blondes not “too blonde” in the winter months; make sure that their color has added dimension and depth, and also compliments those darker colors worn this time of season.

Also, make sure you never attempt “at-home” hair color, highlighting, and those sometimes “self-inflicted” haircuts. Take the time to see your salon professional and make sure that your hair is taken care of by the “pros”. If your beauty budget is limited, this is a great opportunity to contact local cosmetology schools that offer model opportunities as well as local salons that offer internal training programs, such as the one I offer in my salon. The prices for hair services are much lower than in traditional salons, almost by half and many people take comfort in the fact that the service is done under the watchful eye of the educator!

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  1. February 5, 2008 / 8:30 pm

    Do you have any tips for African hair? I mean natural coily hair that has not be altered by chemical relaxers or perms.

  2. June 1, 2008 / 11:38 am

    Love the Kerastase masquintense products. have found that the noctogenist is great for thicker hair too -serum nuit i think its called

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