Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Rx for Brown Skin

In the interest of full disclosure, I am quite possibly the palest person ever, with the exception of Nicole Kidman. Which made me think that I likely wasn't the target customer for Dr. Susan Taylor's Rx for Brown Skin, as I am nearly see-through (can you hear the bitterness in my voice?). Lucky for me, the amazing Toya over at The Life of a Ladybug agreed to step in and try out the products for me! Toya is a complete sweetheart, and if you haven't been reading her blog, well, you should be!

Take it away Toya!

I was given the opportunity to review two products from the new skincare line for people of color, Rx for Brown Skin. Rx for Brown Skin was created by Dr. Susan C. Taylor, a Harvard-trained dermatologist and clinical researcher in ethnic skin care and dermatology. Dr. Taylor has led advances in the field of skin care for people of color.

Her new skin care line was launched in the summer of this year. It is the first ever skin care line for women of color, specifically formulated by a dermatologist. The line includes products designed to meet the needs of skin of color, including people of Asian, Latin, Middle Eastern and African descent, among others. The line features Bright Skin Complex, a combination of hyaluronic acid, soy and pomegrante, which work together to illuminate brown skin tones. Dr. Taylor's products do not contain irritating ingredients like fragrance, lanolin, alcohol, propylene glycol and dye.

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My Profile said...

I might be in competition for the fairest maiden. I am as pale as the snow. I am not kidding either. I will keep checking back to your blog to see what products you hap onto since we seem to share a kindred spirit...or dermis.

Anonymous said...

DO NOT, repeat DO NOT attempt to purchase this product unless you are prepared to waste massive amounts of time either on "hold" with the RX for Brown Skin "customer service" line or you enjoy having to make multiple phone calls to your credit card company to ensure that you are not hit with double or triple charges to your account. I, unfortunately, had to experience both when I tried to place a simple order directly from the RX for Brown Skin website.

Buyer beware!

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