Sunday, November 18, 2007

Prescriptives Holiday 2007 Sets

Even more Holiday Goodies, but these ones are so amazing I think I'll be heading over to the mall to pick these ones up for myself! I decided to go with extra big pics, you really need to see the colors available in these sets. These are the warm options, but they seem fairly neutral to this cool-toned gal.

Colorscope Refillable Palette for Eyes and Cheeks $52 ($141.50 Value)

I know that this palette is meant to be the "warm" version of this palette, but I love it anyways! These shades are beautiful, and I think they tend more towards the neutral side than warm anyways. I may actually need to buy myself both the warm and cool versions of this palette. This warm set in particular seems to have everything you could possibly need to create a soft, glowing look that would look great on anyone!

• Comes filled with a special holiday Cheek Color (in Ginger with gold overspray) and Highlighter (in Warm Light with gold overspray), six Eye Colors (in Frosting, Malt Sparkle, Pongee, Apricot, Antique Gold, and NEW Goldleaf) and a limited edition double-ended brush.

Calyx Collection $53 ($65.50 Value)

If you love Prescriptives Calyx Fragrance (or if you know someone who does), this set is an amazing deal!

• Full-size Calyx Exhilarating Spray (1.7 oz.)
• Travel-size Calyx Body Lotion (2.5 oz.)
• Travel-size Calyx Bath & Shower Gel (2.5 oz.)

All Year Bronze $40 ($60.50 Value)

This set is perfect for my upcoming (business) trip to Honolulu in February. Contained within this cute little bag is every product you need to maintain a great bronzed look!

• Full-size Sunsheen Bronzing Trio in Medium
• Full-size Moonbeam Reflective Gloss in Comet
• Travel-size Powder Brush
• Travel-size Moonbeam Reflective Eyeliner in Beaming Brown (.03 oz.)

Everything Eyes

This set doesn't even show up yet on Prescriptive's Website, but you can see that inside the little holiday bag is a Full Size False Eyelashes Mascara, one of my Holy Grail Mascaras, a travel size eyeliner in a rich brown, a brush and an eyeshadow quad that would be perfect for my red headed sister.

Custom Blend Set $68.50 ($115 Value)

If you have always wanted to try Prescriptives Custom Blend Foundation, this is the perfect chance to try! I've heard all sorts of raves for this foundation, and I know that Erika over at Makeup Bag refuses to wear any other foundation. The foundation alone in this set is usually $62, so this set is an amazing deal for yourself, your sister, your mom or your mom's best friend's cousin's niece!

You can only buy this set at Prescriptives Counters that custom blend. Once you've given the set away, the person brings the empty bottles in to be custom blended! Perfect!

• Empty Foundation Bottle and deluxe travel bottle
• Empty Concealer Tube
• Two brushes
• Sample sized Super Line Preventor Xtreme


Meg the Florida Bargain Queen said...

I love Prescriptives! I use the custom blend foundation. It's the only way I can find foundation that matches my pale skin in natural light without looking too pink or orange.

My makeup artist buddy does a great job matching. He's very thorough, making several trips out to sunlight. I hope other Prescriptives salespeople are just as thorough.

It's a shame when makeup artists sell you foundation without seeing it in daylight. I've had a Mary Kay sales lady insist that "beige" was perfect on me -- under her dim, orangey dining room light. I knew better.

julie said...

Enjoy reading your articles- keep up the great work!

prescriptives said...

The custom blend set is actually $115...the value of the package is $ this is still an awesome deal. The foundation brush alone is $30!

It's a wonderful gift to give for the holidays.

Los Angeles Prescriptives Representative

Christine said...

Kimberly- This is the set in 2007, which actually DID cost that much (at least, according to Prescriptives PR and how much I was charged when I bought that set). I haven't heard anything yet about 2008 prices. :D

Prescriptives Inside Exclusive Access said...

Hi Christine...

Sorry...I was quoting the current price (2008). We just had a big meeting a week ago and that is the new price.

Have a wonderful holiday season and thanks for continuing to be a Prescriptives client!


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