Prescriptives False Eyelashes Mascara

I've heard great things about Prescriptives' mascaras for years, so I was excited to try one of their best sellers, False Eyelashes, as part of this series of reviews. According to Prescriptives

"The voluptuous formula of False Eyelashes Plush Mascara creates incredible volume, length, density and curl for a smooth, velvety finish. A special brush perfects application. Conditioners keep lashes feeling healthy and smooth."

While I don't know about my lashes feeling healthy and smooth (or the brush perfecting application for that matter, I was all thumbs putting this one on), I can definitely agree with the incredible volume, length and density as well as staying power of the curl I acheived with this mascara.

This mascara really is a Holy Grail Mascara! Here's a quick run down on how it performed for me:

1. I want to look *almost* like I have on false eyelashes, but not quite. I want it all, length, fullness and I want my mascara to help my lashes hold the curl I put there.

These pics simply speak for themselves. You can see that my lashes were thicker, longer and definitely plush! The curl stayed all day long and the results were well worth the effort.

2. I want my mascara to be easy to remove.
This mascara was very easy to remove with just a few swipes of eye makeup remover.

3. The mascara should not be flaky.
Despite even getting sand in my eye yesterday (with all of the resultant rubbing, itching and tearing) I had no flaking or smearing of this mascara, it still looked absolutely perfect!

4. It should be easy to apply
I think I was having a bit of an off day yesterday when I was applying this mascara. It wasn't clumpy exactly, but my lashes were sticking together a bit. A few strokes of my metal eyelash comb fixed all of the issues though. Only 1 coat of this mascara was needed for these great results!

5. It should be cheap and from the drugstore.
While not exactly cheap, the Prescriptives counter is pretty easy to find Nationwide and I think this mascara is well worth the investment.

6. It shouldn't be clumpy.
See #4

This mascara is really fantastic! Prescriptives definitely delivered what they promised and this mascara is not only well worth the money, time and effort but the results I got with the mascara and the staying power of the mascara (despite all of my best efforts to mess it up) make it truly Holy Grail Product Worthy!


  1. WOW! Your lashes look fantabulous. I can't wait to try this.

    BTW, have you tried Plushlash from MAC? It's my current new fave (I have wimpy, wimpy, lashes so I need a *lot* of help)

  2. Plush Lash is tomorrow! :D That one is also fantabulash! I have so many great mascaras in my drawer right now, I have a really hard time picking one each morning!

  3. I think your lashes look the best with this mascara so far! Amazing! I want to go out and get this now. I have been obsessing over my lashes lately, so this series has been great. I've really enjoyed it. Have you considered doing a review on the Talika eyelash gel (you can buy at Sephora, I believe) that claims it will make your eyelashes grow out thicker/longer? Not sure I believe the claims, but I'd love to see an honest review on it.

  4. I really love this Prescriptives mascara on you much better than the Plushlash you posted today.

    I love your mascara series and I can't wait to see more! I have really short and thin lashes so I'm looking for all the help I can get. :)


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