MAC Studio Fix Foundation

I thought it happened suddenly, but it must have been much more gradual and I didn’t notice. I went to put on my makeup about 6 weeks ago, and my Benefit Some Kind-a Gorgeous was too dark for me. Really. The sheer foundation that comes only in one shade because it “works for everyone,” was about 5 shades too dark for me! I quickly washed my face and about 15 minutes later I was walking in to the free standing MAC boutique in South Coast Plaza!

I somehow hit the Jackpot, the store that has crowds out the door had 1 customer, 5 Makeup Artists, and me! I was pretty keen on trying out the Studio Fix foundation, and the 2 (2!) Makeup Artists that assisted me both agreed that this foundation could give me varying coverage, was long lasting, and best of all it is fast and easy! After 5 minutes of trying a huge number of shades on my faces, I turned out to match the N3, one of the lightest colors MAC makes.

When I purchased the foundation, I also bought a brush. While the foundation comes with a sponge (which is very nicely contained within the compact in its own compartment), I decided to buy a brush for lighter application. Both MAs recommended a series of three brushes, with the smallest giving the most coverage and largest giving more sheer coverage. The 129, 134 and 150 were the brushes they recommended, and I chose the medium sized 134. This brush is fantastic! It is soft, the bristles mold to my face easily when I sweep it across and I’ve had minimal shedding from the brush.

This foundation is very interesting. In the compact, it looks exactly like pressed powder, but when I apply it, the coverage is definitely much more opaque than a simple pressed powder. I swirl my 134 in the compact and sweep it across my face a few times. I apply my concealer as usual and then I use Pressed Blotting Powder with my Elizabeth Arden Kabuki Brush. With the kabuki brush I do a little swirling motion to help blend in the foundation, and literally the entire process takes 2 minutes. The result? Natural, sheer-medium coverage that is a perfect match for my skin! Even better, this new routine is much faster than any foundation I’ve used in the past with results that last all day long.


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