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I feel like I am on a never ending quest for a great nude lipstick. I want a color that isn't too "nude" colored, but has a touch of pink, but not too much pink. Does that make any sense? Well, I came pretty close to finding this ideal (and likely non-existant) color on a recent trip to Kohl's to buy socks. What's that you say? Yup. I went in for white cotton Nike anklets (I have to sleep in socks, my Neutrogena foot cream needs to be held in!), and I came out with socks and a fantastic lipstick!

The Flirt Cosmetics Line is found exclusively at Kohls, and in the past I've had great success with their lipgloss, so when I passed the display with about 40 different lipstick shades, I had to stop and try them out! I brought home Embrace, a light nude tone that appears to be their most popular color since it had 3 rows to hold the boxes of lipstick, while every other color only had 1 row! It does have a slight pink tint, but I wish that it was about 1-2 shades lighter for my current super paleness. It would be perfect if I had a slight tan (*note to self, find your Clarins Self Tanner*).

While the hunt continues for the perfect nude, I have found a great lipstick formula! This lipstick has no flavor. I love a good flavor in lipstick/lipgloss, and while I have had lots of lipstick with bad flavor (L'Oreal and the baby powder taste comes to mind), I can't think of one with no flavor. Even MAC has a slight flavor for me. I kinda liked having no flavor, I completely forgot that the lipstick was on and because of this I swear I left it alone and as a result it stayed on longer! The formula is creamy and hydrating, lasts for hours and applies beautifully! Next time you're in need of some socks, make sure you check out the beauty section as well!

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  1. Have you tried MAC Barely Lit from the Smoke Signals collection? It is a nude with a hint of pink. I love the color. I will have to stop by Kohl's and try these lipsticks.


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