Dr. Brandt Crease Release

I have a confession, I was going to be a neurologist. And I hated learning about neurotransmitters in medical school. Strange, huh? Yet, here I am with a beauty blog, writing about neurotransmitters! What are they? Little chemicals that are released by the neurons or nerves, they travel across the great unknown to their target (usually another nerve or neuron, but sometimes part of a gland or maybe even a muscle), where the neurotransmitter makes the target act in certain ways.

Why am I telling you all of this? Because the whole idea behind this Crease Release product is a neurotransmitter, GABA. GABA is short for Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid, and it is a very small neurotransmitter that nearly always inhibits it’s target, as it does at the neuromuscular junction. Which means that GABA will inhibit the muscle. That’s right, the muscle won’t move. Now, in theory it definitely makes sense if you could deliver GABA to the muscle, that you could inhibit it’s movement, which would be a great way to simulate the effect of Botox on the forehead, for example.

So, does Crease Release actually work? Honestly, I had serious doubts that this product would be able to penetrate far enough into the skin to reach any muscle fibers (despite the small size of GABA). While you won’t see complete immobilization of anything from this product (sorry, you’ll need Botox to do that, it works with a different neurotransmitter, but that’s a whole different series of posts that I’ll likely never do), I do think that this product made an overall difference. I used WAY too much of this one day and my forehead was really sore, everytime I moved my eyebrows it hurt. So yes, I do think it gets down in there. I tend to get horizontal creases in my forehead by the end of the day, and I honestly think that by the end of the days I use this product the lines are much smaller.

Crease Release is a thick cream, and literally I can cover my entire forehead with a very small amount, similar to the amount of lip balm I apply to my lips. Which means that even though this cream is very expensive (thank goodness it is in that Discovery Kit!), a small amount is going to last you a very long time! Try this before you Botox!

Key Ingredients:
• gamma amino butyric acid: causes immediate and visible smoothing effect on the skin.
• gynostemma: anti-oxidant, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory.
• sesame oil: emollient on the skin. very moisturizing.


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