Dr. Brandt Contour Effect

Dr. Brandt’s newest product is a rich cream meant to help you win the battle of aging! I haven’t tried this product yet, but a quick glance at what is in it shows me that is has peptides and antioxidants. In addition, Dr. Brandt states that this product is for those with dry skin, meaning it is very hydrating product, and will help plump up your skin helping with those fine lines we all develop as we age.

Key Ingredients:
• allantoin: prevents irritation to the skin.
• bacocalmine: anti-stress herb that sends signals to stop inflammation and irritation within the skin.
• calmosensine: a di-peptide that acts as a messenger for a relaxing effect on skins comfort and well-being.
• glycerine: is a humectant, and attracts water.
• grape seed extract: antioxidant
• mamaku essence: fern plant from New Zealand that increases cell production as well as tissue vitality and function. protects from environmental aggressors allowing cells to regenerate in a perfect healthy way. cell multiplication is boosted, restoring moisture and volume in the epidermis, prolongs cell life


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