Monday, November 12, 2007

Bond No. 9's Holiday Gifts

Great news! Every Monday I will feature Bond No. 9, whether it is a product spotlight, a fragrance review or information about an upcoming event. I'm very excited about the great scents put out by Bond No. 9 and I hope everyone enjoys this new weekly feature!

I Love New York Double Decker Sampler Box
This may be the ultimate gift this year, and it is so fabulous that I know you'll have trouble giving it away!

Tucked inside of this double layered white box are twelve 50 ml (about 1.67 oz) bottles of Bond No. 9 scents! While I haven't seen a list of all the fragrances included, I can spot Chinatown, West Side, Wall Street, Fire Island,The Scent of Peace and Bleecker Street already amongst those bottles!

West Side Candle
This holiday season, the West Side Scent is joining the list of Bond fragrances that have been made into candles to scent your home! This is one of their most popular scents, and I'm sure there are tons of people that have been begging the company to come out with this candle.

While you're looking at the candles, don't forget to check out the Chinatown Crystalized Candle, which is their regular Chinatown candle but with Swarovski crystals adorning the pillar!

The Scent of Peace is also taking on a new form this Holiday Season in it's limited edition flacon. The dove in flight is traced in Swarovski crystals and Amethyst!

Other crystalized flacons this Holiday season include Saks Fifth Avenue, Chinatown and Nuits de Noho.

Check out Bond No. 9's Website for these and other great gift ideas!

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