Bond No. 9 Perfumes

Bond No. 9 is not your normal perfumery company. While it seems like most companies are simply trying to collect celebrity fragrances, Bond No. 9 has been trying to turn back the clock on perfume, and restore artistry to the practice. To accomplish this task Bond No. 9 is collecting perfumes dedicated to New York neighborhoods, rather than celebrities! Each perfume really does have a personality of its own and each fit the personality of that local.

Bond No. 9’s creator, Laurice Rahmé has ensured that everything about the line is different, from the quality of the ingredients in the perfume to the way it is purchased! First, the perfume itself contains a much higher percentage of eau de parfums than others on the market at 18-22%. In the store, the perfumes are purchased very differently than other brands, where you chose a cellophane-wrapped box.
In the store, they have “Anti-Spritzers” which are large mannequins that hold amphoras. You can sample each perfume from these, but you also fill your bottle from these Anti-Spritzers. I think one of the most unique things about Bond No. 9 is that in the store, you have a huge array of bottles and spritzers, and then fill the bottle! The bottle is refillable at the store, and they actually encourage you to mix fragrances.

I’ll be reviewing a few fragrances from Bond No. 9 this week, but if you are new to the company (or if you are looking for a great Christmas present), I strongly suggest checking out Bond’s Bon-Bon Box (pictured above) or Perfumista’s Box, both of which contain 16 individual 0.2 ml travel sized fragrances.

Bond No. 9
Images- and Bond No. 9


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